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Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Newspaper and Bunny Pets!

Yay, the update is here!

To start off, the newspaper has a new look!

It's cool, but I might miss the old look.

Here are the rest of the pages:

There is a new pet game and a new Ocean Animal Only party!

Ooh, a new item contest!

There's a new shop and more videos!

Sad that monkeys had to leave AJ... They are now the first "rare" animal.

There's a ton of clearance items:

In Jam Mart Clothing:

Maybe they will open a glasses shop or something? They usually put thing on clearance and rerelease them somewhere else.

In Jam Mart Furniture:

In Sunken Treasures:

In Bahari Bargains:

All over Jamaa you can find monkey banners:

Mira Says is x2 gems:

Super Sort is x3 gems:

To find the new Pet Furniture shop, go to the top of the pet store and click this:

Here is what they sell:


  1. all for members..... again all for members....

  2. How long do you think bunnies will be out?

  3. Oh I love the new stuff!!


  4. At the Play WIld Party, I put in the suggestion an underwater party

  5. Pet bunnies? It'd be weird if there was an animal bunny that had a pet bunny 0_0

  6. I like ur outfit. Lol btw ppl are saying that the pirate sword will come out and it came out in the summer of 2010. Yea

  7. Replies
    1. Cocoverstraeleb2277April 13, 2012 at 12:41 AM

      Bunnies are in Coral Canyons on the way up the steps. And in Jamaa near Club Geoz. And remember they are only here for a limited time! :P

    2. (^•ω•^)ノ the kitty is happy you told it where to find bunnies

  8. -I like the old look of the Jamma Journal newspaper better, it was more organized. :/
    -I am not going to buy any of the clearance items except the Snowman and the Snowflake.
    -Super Sort is x3 Gems?!?! I wish Fruit Slinger was x3 Gems. This whole x2 Gem stuff came from a National Geographic Bee Party thing, and x2 Gems was in Temple of Trivia because of the Bee Party thing, then I guess AJ HQ wanted x2 Gems forever, and that is good. ;)

  9. the monkey banner makes me upset that the most cheeky animal in the world has left animal jam


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