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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spooky Party

The Spooky Party is here! It takes place in a Haunted Mansion den.

Here is a graveyard:

There is a room covered in misty fog:

If you stand in the mist, you turn into a ghost!

The Appondale mud glitch no longer works unfortunately, so you can't turn completely invisible.

That's about the most see-through you can get.

There is three shops in this party. Here is the Furniture Shop:

They have two new items - Floating Candle and Scary Organ, as well as the return of the Skull Tombstone.

Here is the Music Shop:

Now you can buy the Old Spooky Bones music again!

And the clothing shop:

A new item - Phantom Balloon! The beta item Skull Helmet is back. And Scary Masks and Scary Bell Hats from Halloween.

If you click the moon, a bunch of bats come out!

And if you click the dirt in the shape of a ghost, you can get a minighost next to your animal:


  1. oh no AJ is offline now i can't see the new stuff.NOOOOOOO!


  3. AJ HQ is doing yet ANOTHER update. Ugh. I like updates when I'm not in the mood to play, but today, I wanted to get to another Spooky Party! :(

  4. OMG!! I saw you at the party then! I was like, what's that green monkey doing on the moon 0.o
    I was the pink and purple wolf with the head dress. Check out my blog to find out how to make a bat at the party!! :D

  5. why was AJ offline -4:50 to 5-46 i've been waiting

  6. Maintence >.<

  7. Guess what! If you click the crack in the haunted house you can buy a bat! I am chorus2010!!!

  8. -plays spooky music-
    And did you know I got 61 mail and buddy requests today? Once again, thank you if you complemented to me about something or sent a gift.

  9. Gosh dang it!!!!!!!!!!!! The only rares i really had were skull helmets!!!!!! All my other junk is.. Junk. XP


    1. Also, did u realize how beta items are cheap?
      The skull helmet is really cheap !! :O im still sad/happy they came back :) ;(

      Warriorcatlover(••NAME TO BE CHANGED••)
      i get bullied too much for this name :#

    2. i like your name!<3


  10. ok 1 how did the monkey get on the moon? 2 are you a nonmember? 3 what is the Appondale glitch? 4 please come to my party! everyone will love it if you come!
    here is some info:
    where: pandapop12345's den.
    Sever: draa
    time 2:30
    date: may 26, 2012 hope you can come C:

  11. lovelost, there's a secret spot on the wall with a window that lets you buy a bat! look closely at the wallpaper, and tehre is a bat shape in the middle of it. if you click it, you can buy a bat!

  12. Hi There! You see i have one qustion to ask u
    Will non member bat wings bat be selling at the scary party??


  13. Argh! I had five of the skull tombstones and a scary bell hat! Well I don't have it as bad as those who had the other stuffs.

  14. Lovella,The actual name of my wolfApril 28, 2012 at 4:11 AM

    i know where to get a bat pet!its there in the last floor(not with the lightning thingy)and when you look closely to the right wall of the last floor,you will see a bat mark.and when you click it,you can get your very own pet bat!(you can see clearly the bat sign becuz it is with the phantom design on the walls of the last floor(the one with no lightning! :) ) thanks to love lost for reminding me for the clearances!(now i can let some jammers gimme some rares!lol)

  15. Cocoverstraelen2277April 29, 2012 at 5:10 PM

    How do you do the glitch?

  16. How did you get on the moon????


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