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Friday, May 25, 2012

Coral Canyons Journey Book

Here is the guide to finding everything in Coral Canyons for your Journey Book!


The cardinal will appear at the top left corner on a branch. (If it does not appear, leave the room and come back until it appears)


The dandelion is found at the right side of the waterfall.

Gila Monster

The gila monster will come out under the door mat to the Art Studio.


The honeybees will fly in and out of the beehive, to the left of Best Dressed.

Peregrine Falcon

The peregrine falcon will fly around the top right corner of Coral Canyons, in the sky.


The rattlesnake will sometimes appear to the right of Best Dressed.

Saguaro Cactus

The saguaro cactus is by the entrance to Canyons Pathway (at the bottom right)


The Scorpion will sometimes appear on a rock, to the left of Coral Canyons.


The tarantula can be found at the bottom of Coral Canyons, by the water.


The woodchuck will be standing on a rock, to the left of the passage to Sarepia Forest.


The coyote will sometimes appear on a mountain in the background, at the top left corner.

Now that you found everything, you can get your gift!


  1. First Comment~ Anyway, you forgot about the new Epic Wonders, Diamond Earrings!

  2. LoveLost, I have some strange pictures of odd glitches around jamaa. Do you want them? I need something to send them. An email possibly? Just don't email me back. My mom would FREAK! Lolz. - Chorus2010

  3. Thanks LoveLost, this really helped! :)


  4. Thank you lovelost

  5. loooooooooooooooooooovelooooooooooooooost HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO

  6. Thank you for the help, Love! ^.^

  7. Awesome! 1st comment!!

  8. very interesting.... it took me awhile to find the persgrine falcon and the coyote didn't appear very often. i am an extreme AJ player. (as in i figure out glitches first)
    p.s. please turn off the robot thing

    1. You seem to be really interested on glitches! I have a group called the glitchbusters, they figure out glitches, but sad part is, your not supposed to tell anyone else besides other members of the glitchbusters, and if you do, you get kicked out, and I told ppl twice, bit I was let out easy, because my brother, the boss, was my brother, so don't think that you'd be let out easy too, and I'd had other ppl doing the same glitches, so a lot of ppl are gonna be kicked out! Sorry, longest sentence ever XD LOL!!! And this was only 4sent long lol.

  9. Cocoverstraelen2277May 26, 2012 at 12:12 PM

    Thanks for the guide! :) I'll work on finishing the book.

  10. My computer won't even load coral canyons so i cant go there. >:(

  11. Maybe now that they have the spiky chair, aj hq will make an animal that lives in the deserts

  12. now i only need the clown fish in Crystal Reef

  13. hi thank you soooo much this helped me alot!!! :D


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