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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Giraffe Topiary and Special Items

There is a new Giraffe Topiary at the Animal Museum:

I never see topiaries in dens anymore.

I wonder if they will be popular again, since it's Summer in AJ?

Well, I updated the Unreleased Items and Deleted Items page with Special Item Colors.

I also plan to make a page with server names and their meanings, just for the fun of it. c:


  1. That is a great idea! Wish I thought of that!

  2. Odd... No one really buys the topairys...

  3. I have a topiary garden in my treehouse. Maybe you can visit it. It's small though.

  4. I remember that in old AJ, we could suggest server names! I suggested a server name, but they didn't make a server with that name.

  5. oooo! I hope they come out with a giant girafee plushie soon. BTW I own a girafee plushie that is black with white spots! If anyone neeeds to take a picture of a girafee pushie at katgoo499, my storage, then just let me know and I will unlock my den!
    ~katgoo449 (more commenly known as my storage account, KittyinBowTie)

  6. Coolio 030.I still like toriapys :D!But i dont have any yet...XD but my friend has the horse ;)

  7. True I have a Tiger Trophy in my den but I rarely use it. =L

  8. ikr well i have like all of them but how come people aren't buying any plants.

  9. I emailed AJ HQ and found out how to get pet affects. For the dog one you must catch 100 golden discs. I assume that it must be the same for the other games. Please give me credit for this. Thank you! - chorus2010

  10. Dear Lovelost,
    Please read this. It contains how AWESOME and EPIC the blog is.
    This is one of the best blogs ever in history of the AJ Universe! You DON'T scam (Well some bloggers do :P), you DO post new updates, and you're nice and give people credits in your posts, and osmetimes you post just random things. XD

  11. Fabulous idea.
    If you like the hunger games, go to
    Lovelost, do you like the hunger games????

  12. I have like a 1000;d of those come see.

    Thanks! you`r all number 1 !

    > Briannia9108> AJ user.

  13. Hey, Love lost what do some severs mean? Thats so awsome /fun ;d.


    Yours truly > Briannia9108

  14. I`d wish they would send us dens btw there on sale wonder why? What do you think.
    Tell me what u think on Aj or blog.
    -Briannia9108, user on aj. Thanks for the awsome postes.

  15. I will defiantly take a look! I always wanted to know what they because some of them I havent even heard of


  16. I wish I could have membership, If I do, I could buy a Den and Make a Topiary Garden, Maybe I'll make it at the Treehouse den :\ I've always wanted a Treehouse den :\
    To Lazy to Log in my blogger account
    BTW from Thracey11 (1 of the Biggest Fans of your blogs) :3
    P.S. I'm really Thracey11.

    1. Yup, It's Really me, she isn't an Imposter, I'm really her :3 To lazy to log in :3

  17. Oh, and this is not a [ do it glich it just somtimes happens! Everytime I get music it says den music with nothing. Wonder why??


  18. not to be mean but why wont you buddy me?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?


  19. oh if you have alot of bunnies jumping on the drum thing at the bottom of the bunnies only party the symbol will light up. give me credit if you post this.

    ( aj user name)

  20. If you do, on belaya, can you say i submitted it? Because I did, I was SO SO happy mine got chosen!! I just wish I got credit...

    **im not lying! :)**

  21. I have a wolf topiary in my den!

  22. 'Aldan' is a river but 'Alden' is Neil Armstrong's middle name.

  23. If you have a non-orange fox hat, go on AJ from 1pm-3pm Michigan time and trade me.


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