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Thursday, May 10, 2012

New Horse Game and More

There is a new Jamaa Journal out now, and AJ has been updated. Here is the Jamaa Journal:

Page 1...

There is a new game in Jamaa Township - Jamaa Derby! It can be found at the bottom left corner of Jamaa Township.

And the best part - Non-members can play too!

I'm not sure what "Play Pro" does, but I guess you need a horse for it. Here is a picture of the game:

Click the screen to get your horse to jump over the obstacles.
It's a pretty fun game! "Pro" features coming soon.

Page 2...
 Looks like there is another contest! This time, you have to enter an underwater den item.
I hope I actually finish my entry this time. :l

Page 3...
 Giraffes are coming in two weeks! Too bad we still have to wait...
There is also a new party - Ocean Cruise Party!

I hope it's a good party! I haven't been there yet, but when I get there, there will be a new post. ;)

Page 4...
 Temple of Trivia gives out double the gems in honor of the National Geographic Bee!

 Page 5...

The last page is about trading and Rare Monday rares, pretty much.
Speaking of rare, there is now the Rare Logo on any item from Rare Mondays or the Leap Year Party.

I don't really like it on there, but I guess it can help people figure out what was recently on sale for Rare Mondays.

There is a new member badge for your nametag:

There is a new Snake Mat at the Pet Shop:

There will be new snake den items every few days now!

Bunny pets are still available, even though AJHQ said they would be gone. :\

And finally, the clearance items now:

Jam Mart Clothing:

Bahari Bargains:

What do you think about the update? To me, it just seems like it's missing something...


  1. Hey, Lovelost! :D
    Its me, the annoying kid named bouncing arcticpaw.
    Sorry i disturbed you :(
    (PS: It was an honour to meet you :D )

  2. FIRST COMMENT :P WHy isn't jamaa derby in horse's only party

  3. New items are missing.

  4. Yeah, I felt like it was missing something too when I went on. . . . -harryjpotter122

  5. Im very dissipointed, cause We have to wait 2weeks When they announce a new Animal coming or a pet so yup that just ruined my day :\

  6. Someone please explain me :| When i traded random jammer for a GREEN DINNER STOOL it appeared just like it was member-only and i can't use it in my den. This also happened to other coloured stuff like that?
    Is it just a temporary glitch from the last update or they limited more the nonmember stuff ?! Please someone reply me with an explication :|

    1. sometimes it doest show the memberlock andu think its nonmember but it isn't.

  7. it's cool but i understand that there isn'r really anything SUPER new.

  8. you know the new horse derby game right?
    well i unlocked the pro derby i did it by winning first place alot of times

  9. I think this update is missing a new land and more slots for everything. :l

  10. Tech66's Den Tour! PART 2
    What is Tech66's Den Tour?
    It is a fun tour of all my dens, I will switch my den after 2 minutes or so. I will also let you refresh your computer every 2 dens, since my dens makes people's computers lag a lot!
    When is Tech66's Den Tour?
    Thursday, May 10th, 2012 (I am not planning this party on a Saturday, since a lot of other people plan parties on Saturdays.)
    What time is Tech66's Den Tour?
    6:30 P.M. EST (You might not make it in time, because of school, sorry. D:)
    Why is Tech66's Den Tour going on?
    I am quitting... sorry... so I want to see all my friend and fans before I go.
    What to do at Tech66's Den Tour?
    Just hang out, chat, or trade.
    What to bring along to see ALL my dens:
    -An animal
    -An underwater animal
    -a FAST computer (I recommending that you should refresh the Internet before you visit my dens.)
    Any other information you should know? I am planning my best dens for last, so people that are late can see them. Anyone can come, just please try to be in control, if something goes wrong.
    And LoveLost, sorry I have to go advertise this on your blog, I don't have a blog, so sorry. D:

  11. Psst! Psst! Lovelost! Someone was pretending to be you!! :( I think the update is a bit dull but now my leg armor is rare >:D

  12. Hey I noticed something... a duck pet effect! There are bubbles coming in the color of the beak and legs. A user named Arnarbjarki has a duck with that effect!

  13. The Cruise Ship party is pretty fun, they sell three new den items, a Patio Chair, a Ship in a Bottle, and a Sunset Beach Towel. I don't think there is a clothing shop there. I did the glitch there, and it looks like I was drowning. :P
    Please give me credit is you want to post about this. :D

  14. no new items in shops!?

  15. I noticed somtihng when you leave the pet finder it says
    "Leave the Pet Finder" And you can click Leave or Stay

  16. Hmm...Maybe some new summer stuff is what they are missing? There were no new clothing items.

  17. HI! Just wanted to say that again. :)

  18. Love lost, Today I was play Best dressed and when I clicked on one of the items it showed up in a different color then it was on the selection-Tcsgrl1 (Yeah first comment!)

  19. Love, I don't see you on AJ anymore. D:

  20. I hope it's first comment :3 LoveLost I jamagramed u about the plants being members only... But actually it's just a glith. I got this from firetigerx's comment on AJS but the plushies sy that it is member only too... I hope you giver credit fthick ding the plants member only glitch and maybe also firetigerx cuz the plush thing he/she found the other glitch. :D

  21. hey lovelost, there's a weird glitch that is putting member locks on almost every item, and notice how i said almost. at first i cant put the "supposed to be nonmember" item in my den, but then later i can. i just hope people won't get scamed and eventually this glitch will get fixed.
    From: ☺LuvMindlessBehavior☺

  22. Hey, lovelost! i've noticed that a lot of non member items now have member locks on them, but they're for everyone. i've got some pictures on my blog. It must've been a glitch when they were making the "rare" tags. :/

  23. (^._.^)ノ i like cats <3


    (sorry my list is kinda full so i can't Buddie anyone)

  24. Lovelost, on the new horse game, Jamma Derby, i unlocked the pro thing. All it does is make it harder and longer and the winner always gets 150 gems instead of 100. Also i noticed that one of the people that was playing it on the pro one had mech angel wings! they were pink.... but still they were really cool! I think they might be coming out soon....well i hope they come out soon... but anyways :) I'm Funnyhahahaha.... i might be telling you some other things i notice around jamaa also i was wondering... is there a glitch for the cruise ship party?

  25. I won the nat geo bee in my school!

  26. Hey Lovelost! I see the "Play Pro" button seemed interesting. Turns out you have to win about 20 games or more to unlock it. I have, the only difference is better opponents and more earnings for winning. (Example: 150 gems for first place)
    Hope this answers your question everyone!
    - StripedLilTiger

  27. I know why they have the thing about rares and trading and stuff, it's because I emailed AJHQ about how I got scammed out of a rare by sending a guy something, then he tells us a code that dosen't work. That's why it's there.

  28. This is important ( in case anyone else didn't post it.) I don't have a horse, and I got into pro! I'm getting good at it.

    Love your site, Lostlove!



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