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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reminders and Art Mistake

The update that happens every two weeks is coming tomorrow, which means Giraffes will be available! Speaking of giraffes, AJHQ made a post on the Daily Explorer a few days ago, about giraffes. But look at the picture on the post:

Notice that tree next to the giraffe on the right? The tree has no trunk!
It just looks like a floating bush, doesn't it? It's not a cloud, since the clouds in the backgrounds are white (so why would there be a green cloud?), they just forgot to draw the tree trunk. :\
I'm probably not the only one to notice that, but I think it's weird seeing a floating bush like that...


There are 3 clearance items, so be sure to buy them while you still can:

In Jam Mart Clothing...
• Homemade Wings (250 gems, member item)

In Bahari Bargains...
• Seaweed Hair (300 gems, member item)
• Scuba Tank (300 gems, member item)

Also, bunny pets will be gone, so be sure to buy one if you didn't already!

There is also a new Mouse Plushie in the Pet Shop:


  1. *screams really loud* I wa-wa-wanna.... *screams again* giraffe..... *screams yet again* so CUTE!!!! And-and Mousey.......MOUSEY!!!!

    and btw my user for AJ is bunnyrockerzrock.

  2. The floating tree things is kinda weird... I'm thinking that the HQ will either fix it or just leave it like that hoping jammers won't find out. Anyways the little mouse things would be great to give as a present to another jammer for their cat!
    Good job bloggin'!

  3. Yaay!!! Giraffes!!!!! :D


  4. KiddyPool (I do not feel like loging into my google account)May 23, 2012 at 7:07 AM

    I hope giraffes are non-members!!!

  5. Yes, You told me about the giraffe thing, weird... I guess they don't pay much attention anymore :|

  6. Maybe AJ is so busy, they didn't notice the missing tree trunk. And I bought all the clearance items already! It just feels embarrassing buying every color of Seaweed hair...

  7. lol a floating tree

  8. Your right! Good eye love! I was like "what in the name of bunnies is she talking about?" it took me a few seconds to fond out.

  9. cool hi witchhat bunny its me your serect admire i cant say my ueser name sorry about that but im one of your friends signed roseheart

  10. Lovelost i love you

  11. Why would they put an x eye? Thats offensive AJHQ I love mice!

  12. The mouse plushie is really cute... glad I have 40 item spaces left!

  13. It just randomly popped up in my mind. I remember seeing a person named Mayksufi a long long time ago... before I started even LOOKING at blogs... it was really long ago. It was back then when you had the pink arctic hood on, and I was in your den or you were at someone elses den and some wolf was by you shouting "Mayksufi!" or something like that.

  14. AJ needs more animal slots for the giraffe and lion... :l
    I already have Scuba Tank and Homemade Wings, so I don't need to worry much. (Hair looks weird)
    And I'm kinda interested in the mouse plushie. Happy Jamming!

    - KoolEater

  15. maybe one giraffe ate the trunk! or its floating cotton candy XD

  16. are giraffes coming tomorrow because a person on another blog says so! plz reponed!

  17. note: there is also a shortcut to Brady Barr's lab
    :) just 2 be helpful

  18. i am mad at AJHQ because they made x eyes on the mouse just like angelmice i love mice!!!!!!!
    P.S. Me and angelmice are BFFS!!!


  19. is the answer for the 1st question wando20? user-widdleduckie06

  20. is the answer for the 1st question wando20? user-widdleduckie06

  21. theres been lots of fuss about you original user. could you tell me?


  22. 1 witchhatbunny
    2 temple of zios
    3 may\june 2011
    4 july 20ll
    5 weather cloud ~VintageSpirit

  23. 1. WitchHatBunny
    2. Temple Of Zios
    3. May\June 2011
    4. July 20ll
    5.Weather Cloud


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