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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weird Chat Glitch

I was playing around with the chat box, and I found a weird glitch!

First, type in <------ in the chat box. Put a word next to it (make sure you do not space it) like this:
(You must use a capital letter)

When you press Enter, it comes out likes this:

When you try this with <------La ...

It comes out like that!

But it doesn't work with words that have more than about 6 letters.

Interesting how some glitches work, right?


  1. Replies
    1. Cocoverstraelen2277May 22, 2012 at 12:29 AM

      Oh yes!

      I see you in the picture :)

  2. I know, it is spooky! And I am going to have my Den Tour again! :)

  3. Tech66's Den Tour! PART 2
    What is Tech66's Den Tour?
    It is a fun tour of all my dens, I will switch my den after 2 minutes or so. I will also let you refresh your computer every 2 dens, since my dens makes people's computers lag a lot!
    When is Tech66's Den Tour?
    Thursday, May 10th, 2012 (I am not planning this party on a Saturday, since a lot of other people plan parties on Saturdays.)
    What time is Tech66's Den Tour?
    6:30 P.M. EST (You might not make it in time, because of school, sorry. D:)
    Why is Tech66's Den Tour going on?
    I am quitting... sorry... so I want to see all my friend and fans before I go.
    What to do at Tech66's Den Tour?
    Just hang out, chat, or trade.
    What to bring along to see ALL my dens:
    -An animal
    -An underwater animal
    -a FAST computer (I recommending that you should refresh the Internet before you visit my dens.)
    Any other information I should know? I am planning my best dens for last, so people that are late can see them.
    And LoveLost, sorry I have to go advertise this on your blog, I don't have a blog, so sorry. D:

    1. Dont quitttt!!!!!!!


    2. I'll try to remember to come =3

      ~Le Muffin Master

    3. You are quitting? That`s to bad. A lot of people from beta have been quiting lately. I have friends on AJ though, so I cannot quit. I`ll try to come.

    4. @Tech66

      You're quitting?! I've heard a lot about this really nice jammer, and the jammer's name is: Tech66. Sad to see another Jammer go...


    5. ekp2001 here again.....cool idea 2 have den tours tech i will most definately probably b there

    6. NOOOO Tech! NO QUITTIE! >:( THE CAT IS MAD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      (^. .^)

      ~A CONCERENED (version) OF ELEPHANTWOLF (Heehee funny kittys :) )

    7. aww tech...you were a great friend...

  4. Ginger, you beat me (your first comment) by a minute! XD

  5. Weird, Are girrafes coming tomorrow or is that the next update?


  6. I knew this glitch.. Except when i said ..Hi.. It was like..H.hi..h or something like that c:


  7. LoveLost, If you can't be my buddy, can you at least meat me online? Great!
    Let's meat in your den at 5:30 or 6:30 on May 10, 2012 Thanks!! My friend will be there to! Hope you can come!

  8. hehe i see me! please report conlan55 he scammed me of my pink worn, if was my first time being scammed, and i don't like the feeling. but i would like to give a big thanks to my good friend XxfreespiritxX, for giving me a green worn, once again PLEASE report conlan55 for scamming me

  9. So cool! I`m going to try that right now!

  10. Hey LoveLost I found A New Glitch. This is how you do it you take a wolf and put on a heart locket and a clover cape and face your wolf's face away from your screan and the locket will go through the cape. It is Cool! Sorry I don't have a pic. See Ya

  11. Hmm odd...


  12. warriorcatloverMay 9, 2012 at 9:30 PM

    sorry i mean if you only do periods in the front like: ..Hi
    and also if you choose an animal, it shows the shadow of the monkey with a red endangered sign!

  13. yo its ekp2001 here just checkin lovelost's blog!
    cool glitch!
    and tech66, i am ssssoooooo gonna come...unless i 4get which i am sorry if i do.
    and lovelost r u ever gonna post how 2 do walk on wall glitches cause it would be helpful 2 alot of people (including myself)

  14. @Tech66
    Can i come ...?sorry i dont know u in aj but can i come?

    P.S Lovelost cool post :9

  15. i don't have free chat :(

  16. Hello jammerz im soon going to make a blog for my moon clan!~coolcat790

  17. Weird glitch! Wowzah

  18. The word thing didn't work.... Hmm

  19. the glitch didn't work for me...... well i wanted to say that i have an awesome den!:D


  20. I saw some other people doing the glitch, but... at the time I was like, "What the heck are you doing?!"

    Cat =(^._.^)= OMG Fluffy came back!!! :D

    ~SilverStream7 or also TheCrystal~


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