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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Contest Results: Round 1

Thank you everyone for participating! 41 of you got all the answers correct! I will do a rundown of all the correct answers, before I get to the winners.

Question 1:
Name two Halloween/Day of the Phantom items/item colors that did not come back in 2011
There were 5 possible answers for this question (you had to name only 2). I would have accepted...
Worn Blankets (not the Leap Year Party ones),  Scarecrow, Scary Bat Wings, and the color of Creature Masks that did not come back (which was black/dark gray with red lips and icy blue eyes), and the Eyeball Hat with pink eyelashes.
(Skullys and Skull Helmets were not Halloween items. They were beta items)

Question 2:
Where did the Cami's Frog item get its name?
Here is the shorter version of the story:
Cami is a girl (in real life) who is diagnosed with leukemia. Her real name is Camryn. She has a frog plushie names Froggy, and it's been everywhere with her. Her dad works for Smart Bomb Interactive (a company who made Animal Jam), so he put Froggy in Jam Mart Clothing during beta times. (You can read about it here)
So that's the (really short version of the story.

Question 3:
What are the 3 newest lands in AJ? (Oceans do not count)
The three newest lands are Coral Canyons, Mt. Shiveer, and Appondale.

Question 4:
Name 2 of the first ocean animals in AJ
Seals came out in AJ before oceans were even out, so technically, seals were the first ocean animals. Sharks and Dolphins both came out at the same time, when oceans came out. So I would have accepted any of those answers (you only needed to tell me 2)

Question 5:
What were the first pets in AJ?
The first pets in AJ were Dogs, Cats, Ducks, and Frogs. They all came out at the same time. I also would have accepted the answer of Butterflies, as long as you names the other 4 (butterflies were the first pets to come out after pets were released)

Question 6:
What is the only pet in AJ that is allowed to have no eyes?
Jellyfish! Jellyfish do not need to have eyes when you create one. (Bats do not count, since you do need to give it eyes when you create one. Bats don't have eyes when you make them into a baseball/cupcake, but you still need to give them eyes before you do that)

Here are all the 41 winners!

If you got a message that says "Put ____ in your comment for round too", that is your code for when round 2 starts!

Everyone on this list will get a Jam-a-Gram from me, with a one-word code on it.
When round two starts, only these 41 Jammers can participate. If you are on the list, you will need to put the code I sent you in your comment for Round 2.

Round 2 will be in a later post.

As for new items, there is also a new Igloo Pet House at the Penguins Only Party!

(Thanks gingerpawz for the picture)

Silver Glove

EDIT: Please try to be patient; my internet connection isn't working correctly, so the results will be late!

There is a new Silver Glove (and it is a non member item) available at the clothing part of Epic Wonders!

It looks exactly the same as regular white gloves though. It will probably look different when you wear it on an animal, but still. :|

The contest results will be up shortly, so be sure to check back!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Wallpapers and Contest

This contest is now over. Any comments that have not been displayed were too late to enter. :<
Next time I will have a time limit so it isn't as confusing 

I have found AJ's wallpapers they use on their homepage. Here they are!

Jamaa Township:

Bahari Bay:


You can click them and they will be bigger, so you can use them as your background or whatever!

The "Appondale" one doesn't quite look like Appondale when I see the ground. Hmm...

And the new items today are the Aviator Hat in Jam Mart Clothing,

and the Jellyfish Lamp in Sunken Treasures!

How does electricity work underwater? :D

Before we get started with the contest, let me review the rules (If you do not follow the rules correctly, you will be disqualified from the contest!)

•  Answer all the questions in the comment section
• You must put your username in your comment
• You may only enter once (please don't enter again with another account)
• You can only have one answer comment - so be sure to read the questions carefully, since you can not correct them later

And just a few notices:

• The comments won't appear on the site until a while (I have to check each one), so don't worry if your comment hasn't showed up yet
 • If you get all the answers correct, you will be a winner, and move on to the next round!
• I will send every winner a Jam-a-Gram with a one word code. When round 2 starts, you will have to put that code in your answer comment on Round 2

Here are the grand prizes!

Cami's Frog, a rare den item with an amazing story, a light blue fox hat, and a very rare flooring, Moon Dirt!

Here are the questions...

Question 1
Name two Halloween/Day of the Phantom items/item colors that did not come back in 2011

Question 2
Where did the Cami's Frog item get its name?

Question 3
What are the 3 newest lands in AJ? (Oceans do not count)

Question 4
Name 2 of the first ocean animals in AJ

Question 5
What were the first pets in AJ?

Question 6
What is the only pet in AJ that is allowed to have no eyes?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Homepage!

AJ has added a new homepage!

The animals on the screen appear to be in an area that looks like Appondale... but is it really Appondale?
It probably is, but it could be a new land!

Well, today's item is an item from last year, the Fireworks Fountain!

These are available at Jam Mart Furniture!
More and more rares are coming back. I wonder, what next?

And I am currently thinking of a prize for tomorrow's contest I am having. (The contest will either be later today or tomorrow)

I am making a party plan too!

Notice: It hasn't been letting me comment lately. I am trying to fix this, but I think Blogger is down or something. D:

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Octopus Chair and Shadow Penguin

Today's new item is in Sunken Treasures, and is called the Octopus Chair!

And there is a new Moon Balloon at the Summer Carnival!

(These pictures were taken by Gingerpawz of Animal Jam Lop)

There hasn't been any new underwater furniture lately, so I guess this makes up for that. :P

And cool moon balloon! We just need a star balloon and a lightning balloon now.

And somehow I managed to get my penguin completely shadowy:

Intersting-ish! Gotta love that Oil Party ;)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ice Dresser

There is a new Ice Dresser, and it's available at the Penguin Party!

While you go to the Penguin Party, you can try out XxUnstoppablexX's glitch that I posted a few posts down!

Aside from the icy theme, this week's featured blog is...
 Jamanimal135's Epic Blog for Animal Jam!

You can CLICK HERE to get to the blog!

I will be hosting another contest and party soon, so be prepared!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Freedom Capes

Freedom Capes are available in Jam Mart Clothing for Rare Mondays!

 But they aren't 2,250 gems like I thought they would be! And I realized why:

Only items from Rare Item Mondays can be sold for the prize they were purchased at!

Last week,  Freedom Masks were available for 800 gems. And they can be sold for 800 gems too!

So that explains why the Rare Pigtails can be sold for 600 gems!

Too bad only Rare Monday stuff can be sold for their original price. :c

At least we know now that Freedom Bands will be sold in stores soon for 750 gems.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Barbecue Glitch

XxUnstoppablexX discovered a new glitch, which she calls the Barbecue Glitch!

You will need a penguin to do this glitch, and you will need to go to a Penguin Party.
(By the way, there is no new item there today)

When you get to the penguin party, go all the way to the top and make your penguin icy:

Now, go over to the slide on the right, and slide down:

You should land in the water! Go to the area with the snow that you sink in, and sit down.

And finally, go to your den. Now look at your penguin...

Your penguin becomes "barbecued"!


Your animal gets red if you stand by the lava,
Icy blue when you stand in the icy winds,
Brown when you go in the mud,

But there is nothing you stand in that is supposed to make your animal black!

Maybe if we ever go into space, our animals will look like this?

Or maybe there will be an Oil Party! ;D

I'd love to hear your predictions on this!

Rares That Are Coming Back

Three items have changed their sell price, and are probably coming back for Rare Mondays soon!

Here are the items with price changes.

Freedom Bands, Freedom Cape, and Rare Pigtails!

Freedom Bands were sold in beta for 265 gems, and will be sold again soon for 2,500.
Freedom Capes were sold for 200 last year, and will be sold again for around 2,250.
Rare Pigtails were recently sold for 600 gems for Rare Mondays, and might be sold again for about 2,000 gems.

The pigtails might not come back since they were already a Monday Item, but they did have a price change.

There is also a new Star Rug in Jam Mart Furniture!


I guess I missed another one of yesterday's items. That item was the Sand Dollar Necklace.
Now there is another new necklace, the Mermaid Necklace!

Both items are available at Bahari Bargains, the ocean clothing shop.

There might be a new den item at the Penguin Party, so I will check as soon as I get to a party!

And I was looking at my storage's old Jam-a-Grams, and found this:

A Clover Blanket, but its name is RC Car! This was the only gift the storage had, so I don't know if this item is supposed to be a Clover Blanket or an RC Car. My storage isn't a member, so I couldn't accept it to see what it really was. :c

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beret and Mt. Shiveer Cave?

There is another new item in Jam Mart Clothing, you can now buy Berets!

Lots of new and old clothing have been coming out lately. I hope they make Shark Hats, I've been suggesting them to AJ for a year now. :|

I noticed something about a wallpaper AJHQ posted on their blog. You can click this link to see the wallpaper:

On that wallpaper, the seal cave is opened!

But when you go to Mt. Shiveer, that cave is covered by rocks! Maybe it will open soon?

And here are all the items available at the Penguin Party right now:

I know the Penguin Mat is the only new item there, but I didn't bother to do a post on the Penguin Party since I figured everyone has already been there. But I did take a picture of the items they sell here. (Music is also available)


Friday, June 22, 2012

Sun Balloon and Glitch

There is a new Sun Balloon at the Carnival!

I am guessing there will be a star balloon to go with it soon. We already have Phantom Balloons, Heart Balloons, Clover Balloons, and Sun Balloons. And I don't know if I am the only one who has this problem, but when I try to play the underwater version of Best Dressed, they don't give me any clothes!

Most of the other players don't seem to be wearing anything either, so they might have this same problem.
I hope they fix this, I need gems! :|

Crystal Sands Journey Book!

Here is the guide to finding everything in the Journey Book for Crystal Sands!

The Sugarcane can be found at the very left of Crystal Sands:
The Cacao Tree is right near the Sugarcane, and is right next of the Juice Hut:

The Crab runs around the beach by the aquarium in the sand:
The Centipede sits on the roof of the Pet Wash:
The is found Basilisk Lizard on a rock at the top, by the left water slides. It will run across to the other side of Crystal Sands:
The Macaw will fly around, and land on the aquarium's room:
The Flamingo appears by that little island in the water:

The Tapir will come out of the entrance to Mt. Shiveer:

The Sand Dollars can be seen between the two water slides on the left of Crystal Sands:

The Green Iguana appears on the roof of the Juice Hot:

And the Tide Pool is just below the aquarium:

Now that you found everything, it's time to get your prize! The prize is...

A Lemonade Stand for your den!

Crystal Sands Journey Book


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Freedom Plushies

There are now Freedom Plushies at the Carnival!

They can be found to the very right of the carnival.

Interesting indeed. You can see Freedom Snakes on the shelves, too!

The Journey Guide and Penguin Party posts will be up soon!