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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Contest Winner!

Just like last time, many of you got the answer correct, but only one got the answers in the fastest. (I am trying to figure out a better contest type so it's more fair). Before I get to the winner, here are all the correct answers!

But before I even get to the answers, there is a new item at the carnival!

And this is a CLOTHING item!

It's called the Carousal Hat.

Anyway, here are the answers!

Question 1:
What was the first working code?

The correct answer was playwild. I would have accepted playfree as well, since both codes came out at the same time.

Question 2:
In all of AJ's history, how many codes gave out items?

The answer I was looking for was three. If you are wondering, the codes were...

AJBDAY, which gave you a 1 Year Birthday Cake. (this code does not work anymore)
Peskyphantoms, which gave you 1000 gems AND an Imprisoned Phantom with blue electric. (This code doesn't work anymore either)
Gecko, which gives you a Green Gecko Plushie (this one still works)

Find it 1:

This picture was taken at the top of Jamaa Township, at the left.

Find it 2:

This picture was taken at the top right corner of Sunken Treasures (the shop in Kani Cove)

And the winner of the four items is...



Good job Ssthepic, and thanks to everyone for entering!


  1. Congrats! Told ya you'd win the next contest!

  2. um i think prancing should of won because i saw her before Ssthepic i think not trying to be rude but if i got everything right and was before them i would be very angry
    from, maggie1520 sorry if im wrong im bad at stuff like that

  3. Lovelost, can u check ur e-mail plz? Thankz! :)

  4. Well done Ssthepic :D

  5. Congrats Ssthepic!

    ~littlemoon10 xxx

    why dont people give chance to a non rare animal :C

    1. ssthepic won though, I can't just not give the winner the prize...

    2. i know i just want others to win not member and epic rare people. But though people are workign on being rare so i guess
      so nvm XD

  7. I almost got it! -wolfypoof!

    1. Please no one even looked at my contest I no this is an off to -date post! It is all most last post down please look it`s of corse in this blog -btw I guess the contest will not be till tommorw.[My contest is just in the posts questions and rules are there too.

      Thank you,

  8. Man, Ima kinda bummed I didn't win. :(
    Love Lost can I have a prize for at least Trying? or 2nd place? T.y


  9. Congrats dude, and that hat seems a little weird.

  10. >:3 I'm not aloud to enter the contest in 3:00 in the morning. DX


  11. I got a fair idea! Most people don't check this blog until around 7:00 EST due to their time zone or their not wanting to wake up early. If you have winners from 2-3 hour periods throughout the day, it would be fairer to many people, because most people don't wake up at 2 in the morning (cough, cough, ssthepic, cough, cough). But seriously, it's not fair to the people in, what, Australia? Who have morning when someone has night. Please consider my idea. (or start the contest sometime around noon EST). Thanks!

  12. May, i looked at the comments, and sstheepic said 32 for question 2.


    1. He changed it, just like i changed mine :P

  13. I was soooo close i missed only one and the reason is because i read it wrong. I hate when i do that, but i still had fun. :)

  14. Lol I knew the first 3 answers, but got stumped on the Kani Cove pick, so I didn't enter . n .''
    Congrats > U <

  15. Great job ssthepic! Enjoy your prizes :)
    Whoo I put playwild
    but I totally missed the flowers but got kani cove :)
    (stop bein a sore loser dude)

  16. Yes, I was thinkiing about that. First one to send a jam a gram with the answer (or a certain word) wins!?!?!
    Oh, I almost forgot
    Elephantwolf (currently wanting a carosel hat! >:() Yeah I am weird in a good way,

  17. Congratulations Ssthepic! And I agree Love. I'm not really a fan of the "first-come-first-serve" contest technique. It isn't fair.

  18. oops, never mind about ssthepic thing...


  19. Look! Here is a cat: (^._.^)ノ

    This cat would like you to read these rules:

    -Do not be mean to anyone
    -Do not use bad words (keep it appropriate for all ages)

    (^•ω•^)ノ You make the cat happy! The cat would also like to tell you this:

    Please understand that LoveLost's buddy list is full, and LoveLost does not usually delete buddies.

    (^-_-^)ノ The cat is very sorry... D:

    The cat would also like you to know that if you break the rules, you will be banned from commenting . . . Forever! (^•Д•^)ノ

    If you do not like this blog, just don't comment. We do not even read mean comments. ;D

  20. I wish I'd entered this one, it looks easier than the first one. maybe you should do riddles, too, if you're good at that sort of thing.

  21. I wish I'd entered this one, it looks easier than the first one. maybe you should do riddles, too, if you're good at that sort of thing.

  22. wow congrats Ssthepic! i got all the answers right too, and this question is for ~*LoveLost ONLY*~ ok Lovelost, is there really any way of making it more fair, cuz some people may not be able to get on at a certain time, and people probably don't wanna get up at like 4 in the morning to answer something lol. Maybe you could have a post and we could give ideas on how to make the contests more fair?


  23. Congratz ssthepic :).This is what i said when i saw the carousal hat "WHOA!" XD but then i found out it was a hat....XD

  24. 20,000 tickets that's SOO many :O for a hat! I would do that for the the raccoon tail though. ~EeveeRockz~

  25. Also it reminds me when I was like 2 or 3 there was a CareBear movie I used to watch and it had a flying carousel that looked a lot like this one but all rainbowy ~EeveeRockz

  26. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!


  27. That costs WAY to much for a small hat and Good job Ssepthic!

  28. COME ON! THE CODE 1 COULDNT HAVE BEEN RIGHT, u said out of aj history tht means the whole years of aj not just this year. kitty is mad (^•Д•^)ノ

    1. I don't think you read the question, I was asking for how many codes gave out ITEMS. There has only been 3 in all of AJ's history

  29. Sigh- i wish i could of won... :( but good job! :) lol ^.^! GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP!!!!!!!!! lol sry XD C.Y.I.J.!!!! lol c ya in jamaa X3..


  30. in township today i say a non member wearing a member sword that is a lighter purple then the one you can buy.. she called it a glitched sword.. i know how to do the glitch but it is extremely hard.. i don't even know if it is the right way to do it :P ~Wolfen1

  31. LoveLost? Maybe, for the contest, you should wait a full 24 hours before finding all the people who entered the right answers. Then you could have a raffle or something to pick the final winner.

  32. Congratz! I had all the answers but i couldn't find the lantern picture in kani cove. Oh well. :)

  33. Hi! Wow! I won, thanks so so much Lovelost!! :) You, and your blog is amazing! :D


    1. Wow, your good at this how about enetring my contest just in the posts.
      Briannia9108 ** [ only top part to you awsome winner[

      Contest people no harsh comments i did`t win [ex comments accepted!

  34. CONGRATS!, Yes LL(love lost) i do think they are hard lol since i only been on for 4 months, But i know alot about values and stuff, Oh and i think LL is a good nickname for u lovelost it sounds cute :)


  36. Will you do glitches to take the pictures I went crazy doing glitches to match it but I couldn't! :)

  37. umm, lovelost? about the contest, most of us live in different time zones, and it makes it sort of unfair for some because of the time issues. for me, your contest is posted at midnight, and i can't come on untill most of the day is over. When i do comment, half a million people have already commented.DX is there maybe some way to get at least a chance to win?

  38. when is your next contest? im really hoping to win on it.


    1. Could you enter mine just in the comments below, It would be awsome you could win some cool prizes!! [Any clor headress phantom staue cloud.
      Rules and questions a few posts down!!
      hope you can try,
      Thank you
      Note;This is a fun and fair contest!
      > Briannia9108

  39. No fair I got it all correct, too :(

    Maybe it was because I posted too late, but it still wasn't fair because I couldn't go online earlier. :((((

  40. hey lovelost i got this reminder in animal jam today- Have you played all the NEW GAMES at the carnival? i looked and there wasn't any new games, but maybe there will be soon? It would be awesome if you mentions this in your blog :)
    - Eighterry2

  41. in my last comment about the new game i wrote Eighterry2, but i really meant Eightberry2, sorry I'm not the best speller ever

  42. that cant be possible i looked over the answers ssthepic gave and he or she said 32 gem codes that gave out items not 3 please check it over before you send the items i swear i am right

    1. I guess you didn't read all the comments, ssthepic changed their answer...

    2. That's against the rules. Not fair!!! I got them all right without changing my answer.

      P.S. Your blog is really awesome!

    3. you said that you can only enter once in the rules so it is unfair

    4. That Is True. It Is Pretty Unfair That You He/She Won Because She Changed Her Answer. You Said It Yourself It's Against The Rules.

    5. Oops I Meant To Delete The You Before He/She.

  43. Hey, I wanted to write about the hat from the carnival. If one of you members (that are not noobs like some other people /).-) can buy me a blue or black or red carosole hat, I'd love to trade my green mummy for it. Please don't ask for anything else. I'd give green mummy or a plant of your choice from my den. Friend me with a jamagram saying you bought me one if you want some of those items! I'm Thunderboltwolfeh. :3

    1. Lol needed to back something there to. So I recently got scammed by RaresOnly of three of my rare spiked collars. He won't even give back one! My purple one was my favorite, so if someone could pleaseeeeeeeeee help me, i'd give green for purple! D:

  44. Great Job! -StripedLilTiger

  45. Congrats, Here is my little contest!! Who am i ???\
    Here are the questions. [ You could win a any sesonal cloud or any color headress. Just be the first one do so and right ones. RULES DO APPLY WRITE DOWN YOUR USER ON AJ NOT PASS!! That`s it. non member trade member send. There will be a 1,2,3 winner diffent prizes one less!! Ok here are the questions. Sorry they will be on my next post.

    1. Sorry guys,Before I did`t tell you in post above all the info. Ok so first just post the anwesrs in the in the comments below.You can win says on the above comment!
      Please include your username so I can send the it or trade it to you.\
      This is a fair and fun contest, please don`t cheat and that`s it.[Rules are no fun so that`s about it]
      Are thease questions too hard love to hear from you.
      Hope you can try ....
      Any questions conserns? or If you don`t think this is fair or un safe please tell me. In the [blog posts ]
      There will be many winners such as 1,2,3,4,5
      Thank you,
      My user is> Briannia9108[ which is used on aj

  46. OK here are the questions!
    1. In what month did Apppondale open?\
    2. What where the first pets [ or few]
    3.What was the first rare monday item.
    some items at the Valentimes party.
    5.What gift was given at love lost first contest.
    6.sentace] Why do you like aj!
    7.Name some rares in september
    please post you awnsers
    Love to hear from you

    1. this is ilovebunny12
      1. june
      2. bunny,tiger,wolf,koala,monkey
      3. nonmember gloves
      4. pink crystals, pink striped wallpaper
      5. founders hat
      6.i like aj because u get to meet new friends,play games and get a ton of pets
      7. eyeball hat, pumpkin masks, scary lights, haloween wallpaper and flooring.

    2. ShadowWolf02
      1 April
      2 Cat, Dog, Duck, Frog
      3 Non- Member gloves
      4 Heart Chair, Pink Crystals
      5 Founder's Hat
      6 I like AJ because you get to play fun games, be animals, have pets, and chat with friends.
      7 Worn Blankets, Gazelle Horns, Sewing Machine, and teacup

    3. Thank you, for trying by tom if there is none else to compare tthe prize will go to you> i`m not saying your wrong. Hope you mind for one more day![Right awnsers......
      Thanks for your understanding + Support1
      Hey Contact me on animal jam for futher info!

    4. Hi, it's littlemoon10!

      My answers are...

      1. April.
      2. Kittens, Puppys, Ducks, and frogs!
      3. Non-Member Gloves
      4. Pink striped wallpaper, Princess Chair, Pink Spiral. floors
      5. Founder's Hat
      6. I love Animal Jam because I get to see my friends, I love trading and getting new items, and it makes me laugh!
      7. Ghosts, Yeti Mask, Bat wall paper, Witch Hats.

      Thanks for doing this wonderful contest!


    5. Ok, look down at last post here in this catagory there has been a fair rule made about winner`s for my contest.
      >Please look [Everyone] who entered my contest!
      If your wondering who won.[Btw no more posts for my questions you`ll see why.

  47. rosey rainy wolfJune 13, 2012 at 8:43 PM

    Good job! Maybe ill win next time XD..

  48. Congrats Ssthepic :) I got all the questions right I guess I didn't post them fast enough.....Well good job! Those were hard questions, can't wait for the next contest c:

    1. Ok any suggstions?


  49. (^._.^)ノ <.< cat.

    (^•ω•^)ノ <.< happy cat!

    (^-_-^)ノ <.< sorry cat..

    (^•Д•^)ノ UUU NUUU cat. XD

  50. the code question is wrong , it says out of aj history which means all the years aj has been playing, and if u count that up its 20 codes

    1. LoveLost meant all the codes in the history of AJ that gave out ITEMS. There were only three: ajbday, geckos, and peskyphantoms! Please make sure to read the whole thing before comenting!!!! (sorry if I offended anyone or sounded rude)
      ~katgoo449 the wizard/KittyinBowTie

  51. Hi Briannia9108!
    I'm littlemoon10, And these are my answers are...

    1. April.
    2. Cats, Frogs, Dogs, and Ducks!
    3. Nonmember Gloves.
    4. Pink spiral floors, pink striped wallpaper.
    5. Founder's Hat.
    6.I like Animal Jam because I can see my friends, trade, enter contests, and get dressed up for parties and more!
    7. Yeti Masks, Ghosts, Phantom Hats, Witch Hats.

    Thanks for doing this wonderfu contest,


  52. Ok thanks did you enter a second time?
    no one else awsered so you win maybe we will see who posts.
    You anwers are great.
    Thanks you for waiting!!!

    1. Briannia, you said the contest ended on the 16 of June. And answering twice is unfair.

    2. Yes,yes I know some people did`t do that and [some] were answering twice. I don`t know I have a feeling some were coping others. I know I said it ended of June 16 but later others responded after and could see others answers. I`m sorry I have to make a another contest on the same day so no cheating will be made.The answers are pretty much the same, It would n`t be fair to just give out a gift to a random person I GUESS.
      Sorry for the unconvenint change.
      btw the new contest will be made soon.
      Hope you understand,Thanks

    3. Please look at the second last post under this topic to get more info about the contest.
      Thank you
      Briannia9108 Thank you for your understanding

  53. Yo Briannia9108!
    My contets answers:

    1. April 2011 (I just felt like adding the date, sorry! :P)
    2. Dogs, cats. forgs, and DUCKIES!!!!
    3. Non-member gloves were the first Monday Rare I believe
    4. Pink chest, pink heart couch, pink striped walls, pink flooring with spirals
    5. Believe it or not, it was a JESTER HAT!! (Love please correct me if I am wrong)
    6. I like ANimal Jam because it is a fun, interactive online world were you can hang out with friends, play pawsome games, explore new lands, and collect epic rares! (rares are not the bets part of AJ, though, ONE of the best)
    7. Bat glasses, eyeball hat, bat masks (my personal favorite) and spider web flooring (bat glasses are avalible in the Claw at the
    Trading party)
    ~katgoo449 the wizard/KittyinBowTie
    P.S.- I promise I did not copy anyone else's answers!

    1. Sorry, to make it fair I have to do anolther contest just be fair I know you promised.
      thank you for understanding this concept.

    2. Oh sorry nm about that comment it was harsh.
      btw your aners are awsome

  54. Ok the winner is.....? Sorry you guys i know you have beeen waiting soo long![thank you] But it seems everyone pretty much got a tie in anwsers , As i said it would`t not be fair to pick a random person so I anothler contest would be fair with all of you again! In only one time/day for anwers to make it fair I have a feeeling there has been somthing going on.
    I swear tommrow there will be a contest under whatever new post love lost has made.[No bad comments about this change i`ts only fair.
    Sorry if i`m blaming anyone or making it unconvenit!
    I`m sure you agree.> If not be sure to write me back if you any aproprate suggstions I think this is fair do?
    Thank you so much for your understanding!

  55. Oh yes the QUESTIONS MAY BE THE SAME"-But i`m still thinking about it.
    p.s sorry I don`t want any copying.


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