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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hummingbird Pets

AJHQ posted on The Daily Explorer about a new "Pet Pack gift certificate".
This certificate will soon be available in AJ Outfitters.

Here are some details:

The certificate will come with the ability to adopt hummingbird pets, special hummingbird-themed den items (a birdhouse and a nectar feeder), and a one month membership.

You can only get this certificate at AJ Outfitters.
It costs around about 9 US Dollars.

There is also a new Wood Lawn Chair in Jam Mart Furniture. I didn't see it when I checked the shops. :\


  1. carnival is here, all player items have a new 3D look and the prizes are really expensive at the carnival ....

  2. theres a candy floss machine and if you have black cotton candy, then white, then black, it turns into a phantom

  3. amazing, did you see the chat emoticon cloud glitch ?

  4. I cant do mini emotes

  5. Lol i asked an aj worker to make hummingbird pets and i guess they got it :|

  6. there is a new glitch today when i go to jamaa township and went to the den item shop i saw too of the half!!

  7. Are you gonna get a hummingbird, May?

  8. I want AJ to put out a piggy pet. :)

  9. NO fair DX i want humming bird -.-


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