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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hummingbird Stuff

So when you get the Hummingbird Pet Pack (which you can get here), here are the gifts you get:

1,500 gems!

A new bird house:

A new hummingbird feeder:

And a one month membership!

This will also come up, which allows you to get a free hummingbird pet:

This also allows you to have 13 pets, instead of 12!

You can always buy another hummingbird (for 400 gems) by clicking on a new pet slot.
This will come up:

These are the accessories you can buy for the hummingbirds:
Head items

Design (if you use one of these, it will add a pattern to your hummingbird)


If you put the bird feeder in your den and click on it, it will open up and look like this:

Both of the items (and the hummingbirds) are members only.

Also, Picturechamp told me about a new glitch in Jamaa Township. Take a look at Jam Mart Furniture...


  1. I'm not allowed to get one ; A ;

  2. Lovelost, you forgot that not only that it makes a pattern, if you click your humming bird after you have the pattern, say its the fire one, you go through a hoop of FIRE! XD

  3. xD. Yeah, I discovered that glitch this morning.

    1. Well to be honest, it's not really a glitch.

  4. Now i want it! XD


  5. How ya do that! Fwi my user is LITTLEBROCON

  6. Why I do fwi I meant fyi

  7. lovelost do you mean the bird house then a bird feeder becasue it look like a bird house

  8. I bought the pack but then what do you do?

  9. Go to the membership page, click "Activate a game card" and enter the code in the gift certificate thing

  10. lovelost, you were my best friend on animal jam. whjy wont you accept my buddy request. none of my old friends will accept the buddy request.

    *your GREAT FRIEND!!, JamesK2477

  11. At firstwhen i saw the jamma mart glich, I thought it was a new store coming soon! lol


  12. I bought it and typed it in but it says it was either wrong or already used..... I tried it 8 times!

  13. i found another glitch i have never seen it and i dont know if it is a real glitch but okay i was on your blog and i clicked "PLAY" to go on aj and the sign in box was invisable but the username and password boxes i could type in and there was the word CODE but no box for it and all of it was all the way in the corner. Just wanted to let you know.
    ~Hannah 1303359

  14. can i get the hummingbird pack even though im already a member? i just want to know because my dad is on my back about it -.-

  15. Cool blog LoveLost!



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