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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jamaa Journal 62

 The new update is here, with a new Jamaa Journal!

Here is page 1:

My last post is about hummingbird pets, so be sure to read it if you want to know more about the new pets.

Page 2:

The Summer Carnival is here! You can get there by clicking the sign in the Jamaa Journal, or from the Parties icon on the top-left corner.

There will be a new post about the carnival up pretty soon!

Page 3:

There is another contest, this time for a new pet! All entries are due by June 17th (which is ten days).
Page 4:

Penguins will become nonmember animals in 2 weeks! Of course, they make us wait longer... D:
But now we can have up to 300 den items! I don't know about you, but I need more clothing slots and buddy slots, not den item slots. :L
Page 5:

Yet another "popular rares" page. I don't see Rare Chicken Hats that much, who knew they were "popular"? :\
They also have some 3D art of the golden member gloves.

Page 6:

This week is "Adoption Week", a week-long tribute to adopting pets.

There is also a video with Dr. Tierney Thys with a special message about pets.

And that's the Jamaa Journal! And remember that 3D art of the gloves from page 5? I thought that was cool, but then I looked in my inventory...

Every single clothing item now looks 3Dish! A lot of  items look really weird now... Some of them are eve scary, in a weird way... :\

Here are some more new looks of items...

Even in the shops, they are like this:

A lot of stuff aren't their normal sizes, like the royal capes...

Enough scary 3Dness for now, let's move on.

There is more animal slots, for one thing.

And remember a long time ago, on one of my sizzlerat posts? When I mentioned that mini emoticons would be in chat bubbles? Well, that feature is finally here...

Just type something, then use an emote. Like this:

I like cheese :)

The :) will turn into that mini smile emote.
But the emotes look a little too small, and some of them look messed up a bit.

There is a new item in the den items section of Epic Wonders:

More stuff will be in the carnival post. c:


  1. ok this update is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. theres a bunny drum at the bunnys only party

  3. AJ!!!! Why?!? Now my items will look so ugly!! Ugh! I'm going to email AJHQ and tell them that I don't like this new item thing. I wanna see how my founders hat looks. Probably ugly. May, also the beta hood and non beta hood is more noticeable cause of this weird creepy 3D thing. But I luv the emotes in chat bubbles thing it's so cool! May, if I get pictures of the summer carnival ( its a party right? ) I'll see if I can get them to you. But I'll be posting them on my blog. Yes, I have a blog too. but my account hasn't been working.. I couldn't post anything from 4 weeks. I have to see if it works. Anyway, thanks for the pictures of the update May!!! ;) ~ Anakin1190

    1. I complained too! I agree, it is scary and ugly. I wonder....... why did they do it? I hope they get rid of it in the next big update. Scaaaaryyyyy €:

  4. Wow, I looked at the items and almost screamed >.<

  5. I REALLY dont like the new 3D look... :-/ It looks soooo scary and weird and scary, lolz!

    PLEASE CHECK OUT MY BLOG AT: http://kinyongasanimaljamtimes.blogspot.fr/



  6. Oh, and the mini Emotes don't work anymore.. I guess they were trying it out when you were on!

  7. I was gonna comment on the stupid looking items >:( I hate this new look....

  8. the 3D items look distorted, i don't really like most of them.....

  9. Lovelost please visit my blog at www.animaljamherd.blogspot.com thank you

  10. the emote thing does not work

  11. I love the new hummingbirds, I just wish that they were for sale like the usual pets. :3

    And a quick note about the 3D stuff, I'm worried that they'll make the whole game like that. D: If they do that then I'll probably stop playing on it for good.

    1. I'm worried, too! But if that does happen, hopefully we'll get used to it!!!

  12. when will ur next contest be???? I CANT wait!!!

    btw I dont like the new 3D thing... it looks UGLY, WEIRD, SCARY, HORRBILE, DISGUSTING!


  14. Yea she did lie <.< im pretty ticked about that

    1. I didn't lie... This post was made when the update first came out, and the emote thing worked then

    2. I sorta do like the new 3D look but the bow and arrows did not change

  15. hey lovelost i think i found a new glitch, so i was decorated my new den, and i click for a candle and one of my black couches came out instead! i hope AJHQ fix this glitch soon
    - Eightberry2

  16. BTW There's no Jam a gram sending limit anymore.
    Give credit to (if you post it) Elephantwolf/rex16000

    1. Thanks!!

  17. i tried the thing with the little smiley face in your bubble and it didnt work

  18. Hai Lovelost. I tried that thing (with the chat and mini emoticon) but it didn't work... maybe AJ realized it wasn't working and took it off earlier? Idk. Also, what if AJ becomes a 3D world like Jumpstart or Wizard 101?! I don't think I would be able to stand that D: It would ve, like, worse than what they did to Crystal Sands... Anyway. One more thing, my friend said she saw leaf necklaces in stores, she even took a pic and sent it to me. But I can't find them. Rare Monday slip Aj had to fix? ._.

  19. Love Lost, Balloons (clover balloons,phantom balloons,etc;) are not 3d-ish... just a notice :P ~Wolfen1

    1. I noticed that too

      - Feiryclaw77

  20. lovelost the bubble thing didnt work for me mabye... ajhq was just... idk it just didnt work for me any way your blog is awesome :D ~marie82231~

  21. Cocoverstraelen2277June 7, 2012 at 1:23 PM

    I'm at Vegas!! :D taking a small vacation. :)

    Today we're taking the flight, back. But that's at nightime. ;3

    I'll see you and AJ later!!


    ~ Cocoverstraelen2277

  22. i tried the emotion thing but i didn't work from L2131

  23. In the cotton candy machine, if you make cotton candy in this order: black, white, black, you will get a phantom cotton candy :)

  24. Hi lovelost im dbz12345, i found out in the cotton candy stand at the summer carnival, if you put black cotton then white cotton then black cotton again you get a cotton phantom. Please give me credit!!!!!!!!

  25. Hi lovelost, im Dbz12345 and i was checking the d items and everything is D except bows and arrows and dual samuri swords and ninja masks, please give me credit!!!!!!!

  26. LOvelost,Remember when you said they looked 3dish(the clothes).Well when I first seen this to me all the clothes looked like rotten foods in a way!GROSS,I know!LOL!!!!!!!!It was so strange!!Oh ya,your blog is awesome!!
    Miss FunnyBunny1!:)

  27. lovelost...i dont have the mini smi8le feature...

  28. Scary 3D I don't like it at all!

  29. lovelost,I love your blog!WHEN EVER I got on aj this morning i noticed my clothes looked 3d,but in a way rotten!!!!!!!I also noticed that without freechat you can't say I,A,or any other things!Strange huh!?!?!

    rember i am zander501 on aj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. animal jam is probaly going to be 3D now :)

  31. That new type feature doesn't work. I tried all ways it could, but nope. Can you please give me a reply with more details?

  32. ok so it DID WORK AT 3 AM WHEN I WAS WITH LOVE AT EPIC WONDERS SHE DIDNT LIE AJ DISABLED IT AT 4 AM WHEN IT DOSE ITS DAILY UPDATE stop yelling at love thx :D also im in 1 f the pics :3


  33. lovelost just to say tht my computer is broken so im ysing my ipod from trickertreee if i log back in its fixed sorry lovelost

  34. I like cheese too <3


  35. Wow, here is a dumb glich, ok I logged in as I normally do1 and it timed out so I logged in again. And went to my den the pink spiral floor was on the roof the of the castle!~ I left to Apppondale and came back to my den it was gone before I could call anyone to see it urg. Try it! feel free to ask me any qustions. One thing i`m not sure about if it only works on the pink spiral floor or on a Castle den only> Lots of Questions!

    ( Briannia9108

  36. If i buy hummingbird and i already have membership will it add the monthly membership that comes with hummingbird to my yearly membership that i already have?

  37. The 3d items are
    Nightmare-giving (0.o)
    The Tail armors look shriveled up and pathetic :( (and that's sad in my eyes cause I humanize everything)
    ElephantWolf (Imma start wearing tail armor


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