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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Carnival

The Summer Carnival is here! When you first go there, you will get this message:

You get 500 free tickets! Tickets are kind of like gems, but they can only be used at the carnival.

At the top are some prize booths:

The left one is for clothing, and the right one is for den items.

In the clothing booth, they sell these:

Star Necklaces, Lollipop Necklaces, and Lightning Necklaces!
If you look at the booth, you can see some unreleased items.

Sandals, a blue and red tail armor, a Rasta Hat, some green spiked thing, and a gold dragon tail.
I hope some of this stuff comes out, especially the tail items!

Here is the den booth:

Pet plushies! There are unreleased hamster, butterfly, hummingbird, frog, duck, and bunny plushies too.

To the left, there is Whack-A-Phantom, a new game!

All of these games cost 5 gems to play.

You have to use the hammer and hit the phantoms.

You want to hit the gold phantoms and the white-eyed phantoms. But you don't want to hit the red ones!

After you are finished playing, you will get tickets:

Right by Whack-A-Phantom, there is another game, Candy Catch.

Use the bucket to catch candy, but try to avoid phantoms!

There is a Cotton Candy Machine at the bottom left:

First you choose your cone:

Then you choose your flavor:

But if you start with black...

And then use white...

And then black again...

You can make a phantom cotton candy!
It will be next to your animal:

There is also the game of Phantom Ball, to the right:

Throw the ball up the ramp, and try to get them in the holes!

There is also a coloring activity place at the bottom right.

You can print out activity sheets here.

And that's about it!

And I've noticed that the mini emote thing no longer works.

So, how do you like the carnival?


  1. i love the carnival! my favorite game is Wack-A-Phantom! lol candy catch is kinda hard i keep catching phantoms :P


  2. How do people get different colors in their cotton candy? I've been seeing more and more people with blue, pink, and white cotton candy! the only mix i have gotten is black with white swirls and the phantom.


    1. u do 1 color until the button "done" or "finished" appears and then click another color and get it on your cone and then do another color. u can only have 3 colors. got that?

  3. the carnival is awesome! :D it'll get even better as the new prizes come out!


  4. If you look closely in the summer carnival racks, or whatever, for clothing, you can see a golden dragon tail thingy, a dinosaur back item, a hat, sandals, and something that looks like a raccoon tail.

  5. Oh.. ya didn't see you posted about the booth items

  6. I love the carnival!! MY favorite is the Cone Making Machine! I love to make the Multi-colored Cotton Candys!! And yay first comment!

  7. Have you seen the new glitch in Jamaa Township?

  8. So fun! I love the carnival. I only have 1080 tickets-Not enough to get a cat! :(

  9. to me this is a huge huge let down i was happy for this update then they ruined it.. they didnt even put in any decent items~ also with all of the other update things i give this 3 out of 10 stars its like the updates are geting worse


  10. the carnival was okay but i think they can do better there should be more prizes and way more games.yes i know there will be more prizes but i think there should be pet circus act that would be awesome


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