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Friday, July 6, 2012

Contest Round 2 and New Item

There is a new Giant Crystal in Jam Mart Furniture!

They don't like to make items cheap anymore, huh? 600 gems isn't all that much though.

Sorry for the delayed delay for Round 2 of the contest. The same rules apply this time, but only the 41 Jammers on that list can enter, and you must put that code I sent out in your answer comment. Here we go!

Question 1:
How many floors in the Chamber of Knowledge were there originally?

Question 2:
What are the only 2 animals that start with a pattern on them?

Question 3:
What exactly IS beta?

Question 4:
Name 2 AJ Guide's usernames (sizzlerat does not count)

Question 5:
What color chat bubbles do AJ Guides use?

Question 6:
What is the only special item color that is actually a color only sold in beta times?


  1. My code is: sorry
    Q 1. 4 floors
    Q 2. the tiger and
    Q 3. beta is from 2010, when AJ HQ was kind of testing out aj, adjusting something here, adding this there.
    Q 4. I'm a bit confused on this one, because AJ Guides username is just Animal Jam Guide! So if you mean not username, here are two: Sir Snowyscout and Mythical SpiritMonkey
    Q 5. Green
    Q 6. orangeish-tan colour.

    My user is Kinyonga

  2. sorry! i forgot to mention the last animal with a patern when it starts, it is a giraffe... Please let this in!! I'm sorry!
    word: sorry
    user: kinyonga

  3. my word is doctor
    1. 3
    2. tiger, giraffe
    3. beta is 2010, when Animal Jam hq was testing out AJ and making sure it was ok and stuff...
    4. baron vonrobot and duke superfly
    5. guides have green chat bubbles
    6. orangey-tan colour (i think! i hope!)


  4. My one word code is: COCOA
    1 two floors
    2 tiger and giraffe
    3 beta is animal jam in 2010
    4 sir snowyscout and baron vonrobot
    5 green chat bubbles
    6 orangish tan colour

    Username is Incognito

  5. erm, sorry lovelost, but can i change my amount of floors in the chamber of knowledge to 2 please??? im so sorry! but is it ok? please! im still within the time limit....

  6. RAMP

    1. Two floors.
    2. Tigers and giraffes.
    3. Beta on Animal Jam was a period of time during the summer of 2010. This was the testing period, when everything was being tried out. There were no memberships and different items were tested and then removed (like skullies). Most heard about the beta testing Jam through NG Kids magazines.
    4. GuideKit and GuideRabbit.
    5. Green.
    6. The extremely rare, bright blue, beta Arctic Hood.


  7. Username: Icy36
    Code: bow
    1st There were 2 floors.
    2nd tiger and giraffe
    3rd Beta is testing time where choosen people testing game. Beta on Aj was on summer, 2010
    4th GuideRabbit, Mister Glamcat and Prince Glamrose.
    5th They use golden/yellow color.
    6th it is founders

  8. spyro1707

    2: giraffe and tiger
    3: beta is when they are testing a game :)
    4: bunnyguid and guidbunny
    5: green :D
    6: founders hat or the brown rhino helmet

  9. ... Can you explain number 6? There were a lot of different beta-only colors so I don't really understand it, and I don't wanna get the question wrong ._. Btw when's the deadline?

  10. All Animal Jam Guides are named Animal Jam Guide.. so basically.. I don't get it :l

  11. Dang! those are some hard questions! Good luck whitefeather and all of those in the compitition!

  12. All the animal jam guides I've seen have the user AJ Guide. So, what do you mean? The others are just testers for new items. Not guides. HELP!!! - chorus2010

  13. Username: Kalkara
    1: 2 floors
    2: Giraffes & Tigers
    3: The testing period before Animal Jam was fully released and Jammers could try it out and give feedback.
    4: Guidekit & Guidechill
    5: Green
    6: Founders' Hat

  14. I have two questions: what is a guide? and who is sizzlerat? hi lovelost great blog! Also i am not competing in the contest. just asking questions.

    1. look up a few posts witchhatbunny made- guides are like special jammers who try out new things...

  15. Well, I didn't get through the first round, so I'll just be answering some of these for fun.

    1. 0_0
    2. Tigers and giraffes
    3. The time when the virtual world (in this case aj) is still being made.
    4. Graham and Greely, until aj stopped using the shamans. :D
    5. Er... gold?
    6. :/

  16. The secret round code is grass 1.One or two im not quite sure but I think one. 2.Giraffes and tigers 3.A beta version of a program, game etc... is an unfinished version released to either the public a select few or whoever signs up to beta test it for bugs or glitches. 4.I can't because i have never met a real guide before. I have only seen pictures but never their usernames.I'm sorry that I can't answer and I understand if I don't make it to the third round. 5. Green 6. I think it's brownish, grey and dark red viking hats. Sincerely Yours, Cisabella

  17. Question 1. The Chamber of Knowledge (once know as the chamber of mysteries) only had two floors back then
    Question 2. The giraffe and the tiger
    Question 3. Beta is the time when Animal Jam was not fully released and was still being created
    Question 4. Guide chill and Guide fuzzy
    Question 5. AJ guides chat with bubbles that are green
    Question 6. The light blue beta arctic hat
    MY user is Firefox16701
    Oh yeah and ROCKS!

  18. Question 1: There were origionally only two floors in the chamber of knowledge.

    Question 2: The only two animals in Animaljam that start out with a pattern are the giraffe and the tiger.

    Question 3: Beta is the beta testing that happened early in Jamaa when AJHQ was testing out the game to see if it would be popular. That is why things were so different in Animaljam then.

    Question 4: Two guides are GuideRabbit and GuideKit.

    Question 5: Guide chat bubbles are in green.

    Question 6: Beta hood? I don't really understand the question; i thought there were a few...

    ~Mysteryhorse the code is "horse"

  19. Hey love lost, this is thunderboltwolfeh. I own purple gazelle horns, but people tell me they are only worth a yellow spike collar. nothing else. You own rares, do you know what purple gazelle horns are relaly worth?

  20. 1. The Chamber of Knowledge was originally 3 floors.

    2. The only two animals that start with a pattern on them are Tigers and Giraffes.

    3.Beta was the early testing period of Animal Jam. It was a lot different than what Animal Jam is today. During Animal Jam Beta there was no such thing as "members". Everyone had access to every single item and feature. Also, items were way cheaper during Beta than they are today. During Animal Jam Beta, only six animals were available. These animals were the wolf, rabbit, koala, panda, tiger, and monkey. In early September, memberships were introduced to the world of Jamaa, scarring it for life. Memberships created a barrier between the citizens of Jamaa, dividing them into two separate classes (like segregation): members and non-members.

    4. 2 AJ Guide's usernames are Fauna ToughClaws and Animal Jam Community.

    5.the color chat bubbles do AJ Guides use are orange

    6. The only special item color that is actually a color only sold in beta times is the Dragon Glove

    Thanks So Much!

  21. Aww I know the answer for question 3 can I say it? 8
    Not sure wat to do I just saw this.,.....,.


  22. Hey LoveLost, it's Fuzzy20151 from Little and Fuzzy's blog.
    1.Only two floors
    2.Tigers and Giraffes
    3.Beta was a time when AJ first started, and it was when everything was being tested.There were no rares or members, everyone could buy anything.
    4.GuideRabbit and Guidechill
    5.Light Greenish Bubbles
    6.The green Top Hats

    Also, I didn't know if the code was supposed to be the answer to one of the questions, so I'll just put it down here. The code for round to is "car". I hope it wasn't the answer to one of the questions.... :D
    Hope I got those right! I love your blog, LoveLost! Best one evea! =3

  23. How many rounds are there going to be Love? Or does it just depend on how many people get the answers right?

  24. @LoveLost

    Here are my answers for round two, along with Cheesecake.

    1.) There used to be only two floors originally in the Chamber of Knowledge. They added tyne third floor, a small shop; the Mystery Emporium later on.

    2.) The only two animals that commence their life in Animal Jam upholding a pattern are, Tigers; stripes and Giraffes; spots. Makes sense since they can be seen in the wild like that.

    3.) Beta ia early testing for anything; computer games, etc. It was used when Animal Jam was a brand new game in July 2010. However, it is only used to test out the quirks of it, before officially becoming a game for all.

    4.) GuideKit, he's on my blog, and GuideBunny, you mentioned him on your post in the past...

    5.) Green. Originally I thought they were just special Jammers, when I first saw them in the cocoa hut, so I asked around saying, "How did you get the green chat bubble?" However no one answered so I left for Mt. Shiveer then came back, but it was hard because the room was full. Guess a lot of Jammers clump tags the guides, apparently.

    6.) Either you mean Founder's hat, since they were the Founder's of Jamaa. It comes in yellow only. Or a skull in blue, but then they were discontinued and are no longer sold in Animal Jam (who knows? Could come back, I hope). I'll go with Founder's hat, the yellow top, the one I want to badly.


    Hope these activate for you, I tried my utmost best at it. :)

  25. Okay, My code is glasses. Time to answer! :D
    #1: There used to be only 2 floors.
    #2: Giraffe and Tiger.
    #3: AJ's testing mode.
    #4: GuideKit, GuideLiza.
    #5: Purpleish Pink.
    #6: I'd have to go with Beta Arctic Hood or Beta Creature Mask.

    1. Btw, May, I actually wear glasses! XD ~Anakin1190

  26. LoveLost notice that the crystal is the same color as the new den. When the castle den came out did any special furniture come out that matches the den?????? If you know please relpy!

  27. SNAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Question 1:
    How many floors in the Chamber of Knowledge were there originally?
    There was only 1 floor (2 rooms).

    Question 2:
    What are the only 2 animals that start with a pattern on them?
    Giraffes and tigers.

    Question 3:
    What exactly IS beta?
    Beta was the testing period for Animal Jam. Animal Jam was basically just letting kids try out Animal Jam. There were no memberships so everyone could buy everything. Things were much cheaper than they are nowadays and many rares came from Beta times. Things looked a lot different during Beta. For instance, rooms were flipped around, there were huge dens that were taken away when Beta ended, and some lands and rooms that we have today weren't there during Beta. Also, during Beta there were only 6 animals available: the wolf, rabbit, koala, panda, tiger, and monkey

    Question 4:
    Name 2 AJ Guide's usernames (sizzlerat does not count)
    All Animal Jam Guide's usernames are "Animal Jam Guide"... Do you mean their display names? If so, here are 2 names belonging to Animal Jam guides.
    Sir Snowyscout
    Medieval Tinypaw

    Question 5:
    What color chat bubbles do AJ Guides use?

    Question 6:
    What is the only special item color that is actually a color only sold in beta times?
    The Beta Creature Mask with white eyes and red lips!!!
    (I would've said the beta eyeball, but that wasn't actually sold. It was given out by guides to a few lucky Jammers.)

  28. Code: Armor

    ... Hard questions. I will fail. Meh, oh well. Once again, pardon my bad spelling...

    1. 2
    2. The Tiger and the Giraffe.
    3. Animal Jam in early development.
    4. GuideKit GuideBunny
    5. Green
    6. Here goes nothing.... Light Green Old Blanket?

    Feel free to mock me.


  29. If you meant usernames, then GuideKit and GuideBunny.

  30. i know the answers to almost all the questions, can i tell them to u but not the contestants? im not one of the contestants, plus, i love ur blog! I go on it everyday!

  31. u got 85,445 more viewers in the last 2 months!

  32. Hey lovelost! Just a quick questions, how do you put up the voting poll? Thanks and I love your blog! My username is Cassiusclay2 on Aj :)

  33. Oh, wait! The Arctic Hood. The one that's turquoise with a light green eye is the answer to number 6! My bad!

  34. Username: RainbowRider
    Question 1: Two
    Question 2: Tiger and giraffe
    Question 3: It was when Animal Jam was basically testing.You see, when Animal Jam was first created,the creators didn't know if people would want to play it or not. So, they got a few people called beta testers to test out Animal Jam. That time of testing was beta.
    Question 4: AJiscool and AJisawesome.(They are in the trading video.)
    Question 5: Green
    Question 6: The rare Arctic Hood. (You have two of them...right?)

  35. Good luck to all you contenders! :D

  36. that crystles preety i wish it was nonmember :( -epuc

  37. first commet yay!!!

  38. Ok the code for the contest was: Light
    1.The chamber of knowledge originally had 2 floors.
    2. The animals are Giraffes and Tigers.
    3.Beta is a test stage a website like animal jam goes through to become an official website.
    4.I belive two guides would be GuideBunny and GuideKit (found it on your blog)
    5.Animal Jam Guides use a green chat bubble.
    6.Green Top Hat

  39. ok im not competting i didnt get in im just seeing if y answers are right,
    1 there was only one floor and did you know it wasnt always called chamber of knowledge at a point it was chamber of mysteries
    2 deffinetly tigers and girafes
    3 beta ihas alot of terms but i think your looking for beta testing, beta testing is the begging of an idea witch is leading to a game but they are testing it ,testing it to see how kids react and parents see what language to not use and what to use for the generations to come and how to make it better :D
    4 there usernames huh well ive bumbed into a couple but you know what they all have the same username its / Animal Jam Guide / and they always say positive things it makes me glad :D
    5 what color lol white chat bubbles but geuss what i found trying to figure that out this animaljam guide is saying test i searched
    animaljam guide chat bubble after a few under image4s this one is saying test and next to it is a smile in the bubble like an emocon in the bubble epic huh!
    6 personily i think it was green green beta tiras blankets even tophats see open a new tab copy and paste this its a green top hat! u want onea those http://www.google.com/imgres?q=animaljam+new+chamber+of&um=1&hl=en&sa=N&biw=1024&bih=677&tbm=isch&tbnid=ODG7lX7KFPXomM:&imgrefurl=http://animaljamiskool.blogspot.com/2012/04/more-beta-picturesnew-item.html&docid=Oyexw5PgbOZ04M&imgurl=http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ez9mICCLtMM/T56wVEOn4VI/AAAAAAAAABc/Tc8GijhN7hs/s1600/Aj%252Bchamber%252Bof%252Bmysteries.png&w=900&h=550&ei=Ew33T6rRHce90QGUtbnUBg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=418&vpy=389&dur=4761&hovh=175&hovw=287&tx=183&ty=142&sig=107982457371759547025&page=1&tbnh=108&tbnw=177&start=0&ndsp=14&ved=1t:429,r:11,s:0,i:112 yeah i no long huh! well any way luv ya blog 4 ever <3 -epuc not compeeting btw!!!

  40. Lovelost,I got all of round one right but i didnt get a message telling me a coded and my name wasnt part of the 41.... I promise i am telling the truth!

  41. 1. 2 floors
    2. Giraffe and tiger
    3. Beta was the time before AJ went officially online when they were still perfecting it. People who played on it at that time were called beta testers.
    4. Guiderabbit, guidewolf
    5. Green
    6. Green top hats and black wings with silver tips
    My code is taco!!!!

  42. Good luck to everyone!


    1. Hey betaqueen! Thanks for helping me with some of the questions! :D ~Anakin1190

  43. 1. 2?
    2. Tiger and Giraffe
    3. Beta was the beginning on Animal Jam When there was no membership when Animal Jam wasn't completly done in the making
    4. Animal Jam Guide and Haper Seal Guide
    5.I've never seen a guide so my guess is blue??? e.e
    6.The turquisoe and green arctic hood
    I hope i'm the winner of this contest
    Code is winner but I don't think a got this :(

  44. question 1: 2 floors
    question 2: Tiger and giraffe
    question 3: beta is when they were testing the game out
    question 4: Countloudfeet, sir snow scout (i could NOT find usernames ANYWHERE :/
    question 5: gold color im guessing? ive never seen one o3o
    question 6: The beta arctic hood

  45. 1: 2 Floors.
    2: Tiger & Girraffe
    3: Beta is something before the real thing comes out, where people test it out and see how they like it. And, something before its out to the public.
    4: No offense, but i dont think this is a good question. not many people have seen guides. Hope this doesnt make ya mad
    5: There is usally a green lining around the bubbles. mabey yellow, cant entirely remember.
    6: Dark purple.....? Im confused XD
    I Highly doubt i will get any right. But, i tried. Thats great :3 ~ Purplebelle1

  46. I'm going to be broke since Animal Jam makes everything so expensive! Maybe the Giant Crystal has something to do with the Fantasy Castle. The original color IS purple.

  47. one thing, my friend said sizzle rat hacked in animal jam. and ppl can't search the name. she may be the guid may be the hacker. who knows ^-^

  48. code=penguin

    Q1= 1.... i think XD i have no clue
    Q2= the tiger, and giraffe
    Q3= beta is when a webiste, for example Animal Jam, was in its earliest stages.
    Q4= ajiscool, and ajisawesome
    Q5= blue or green?
    Q6= the bluish green on the very rare beta arctic hood

  49. WATER

    1) Two.
    2) Giraffes and tigers.
    3) The second letter of the Greek alphabet... A quality-control technique where software is tested in the environment for which it was designed, usually after debugging by the manufacturer but before releasing to the full public... And a period of time of Jamaa's history (summer 2010) where elements of the game were being tested and experimented with; different items, dens and such, some of which were removed.
    4) Guiderabbit and Guidekit.
    5) Greenish.
    6) Beta Arctic Hood.

    AJ User - snowfeild

  50. 1. Two floors
    2. Tiger and giraffe
    3. Beta is a testing stage of a hardware product.
    4. Aj guides don't have real User they just say Animal Jam Guides with a little description of what they do next to their animal
    5. They have green chat bubbles
    6. Their was a special colored winter hood it's like a teal and there are only three or so known to exist
    - Eightberry (Boxes)

  51. The new pet will be turtles. I know cause the newspaper said go to the gallery, everything was turtles. Not on pictue did not show a turtle. So, you can have a turtle animal and pet. Just like the bunny

  52. Love, could you post pictures (after the contest is over) of AJ Guides? Because I have no clue what your talking about...:/

  53. whats the prizes?


    1. I'm not LoveLost, but I know the prizes. :) They are: Moondirt, light blue fox hat and a cami's frog. ~Anakin1190

  54. user: roseellen1

    2: bunnies, pandas
    3: beta is testing, all game has had beta testing in the begining, do if the kids like the game it will be for everyone if not it will close down
    4: sir snowyscout, duke superfly
    5: yellow
    6: green

    code: octopus

  55. (Cheese)
    1. Two
    2. Tiger and giraffe
    3. Beta is a testing time on a hardware product
    4. Animal Jam Guides all guides have this as a username cause I met one and that's what they had
    5. Green chat bubbles
    6. A tealish artic hood there are only 4-5 known to exist
    - Randomstuffjp99

  56. what are you askingon the 6th one, i dont get it at all?

  57. ok im so sorry the one with no code is mine i forgot it and my code is tails and my username is phantomday! so sorry thanks!

  58. 1.Two
    2.Tiger and Giraffe
    3.Beta is when people test something to make sure its ok
    4.GuideKit and GuideLiza
    6.Tealish color

    1. XD For #4 you put exactly the same answer as me! L0LZ ~Anakin1190

  59. Lovelot, I would love to know why you are not responding to me it owuld make my day if yould just please respond why I am not part o the 41 when i totally should be!?!?!?!?

    1. It's hard to even make one reply, since my computer is an antisnail. Maybe you didn't comment in time or you only said one item for question one, etc.

    2. No I said every thing right and i sent it in like a day after you poted the contest...

  60. Not to berude but you should not believe everything you hear or someone says becausethye mightjust be lying.

    1. Lovey wouldn't lie :c Maybe you just made a mistake. Everyone can make a mistake. Who knows you might be living too. Not to be rude but I don't know.

  61. Love lost, I really like your blog and i really want to use the idea of the contests so I was wondering if I could. Visit my blog too! moonbunnyanimaljamblogspot.blogspot.com

    THX! cookie81709

  62. I love your cake! Pokemon rules! :D -kookiekaykay

  63. who has a phone and plays dragon vale here\


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