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Monday, September 24, 2012

The Mysterious Stickynotes

AJHQ recently posted about the Penguins Only Party (I think it's a little too late for this...)

Everything is fine in this picture. It's all normal. But...
Look next to the gem icon...

What is that feature? My guess is the ability to write yourself notes and reminders. (You can already do that on Microsoft Word)
But what really is it for? Who knows, but I'm sure AJ will refuse to tell us until that feature comes out. :|
So we just have to guess at this point. (At least it won't be MS Paint)

Monday, September 17, 2012


No, I am not "officially" back to posting yet, but I am hoping to start again by October. The reasons for this are personal. :c

But I will make a post today. And it is Rare Mondays!

AJHQ posted this:

So this week's rare is an arctic hood? But wait... That color has already been released... I guess that means they are bringing another clearance item back. Oh well... :[

So if you go over to the shop in Mt. Shiveer, we find this:

Wait, what?
That isn't an Arctic hood! It's a COAT! Hmm, if you look at AJ's post, it says...
"Today's rare item goes great with last week's rare item"
But this does not go with last week's rare, Rare Sailor Hat.

Which leaves me to this: AJ was supposed to post Arctic Coats as the rare, but posted this instead (but that is pretty obvious). This will probably be next week's rare! (But why is that color chosen if that was one of the store bought colors?)

Unless they just want to confuse us.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Update + Reminder

Hello! This is just a quick reminder. This is the last day to get anything at the Summer Carnival! The prizes there might not be around next year, so be sure to get everything you nee