Throwback Thursday lol close enough

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Huh what hi

This could possibly be the last post ever on this so called blog
Reasons?  I'm just... not interested in blogging anymore. I still do play AJ though.

Let me just say something:
My buddy list is full!
I don't delete buddies, so PLEASE do not ask me to. It isn't my fault AJ has such a low buddy limit. -_-
As much as I don't want to, I will have to decline all buddy requests I get in the mail. (Believe me, I don't feel great about that)
When someone deletes me, I will add someone, but it will usually be someone I am close to but never get a chance to add.

I'm sorry y'all, I don't wanna decline, but I have a limit. D:
It's depressing getting buddy requests now. :\

So since now everyone thinks I'm a jerk, I'll just list some things I don't like about AJ (This is not meant to hurt ANYONE)
• When people say "spike collar" instead of "spiked collar" (idk why srsly)
• When people call the item Bow And Arrows "bows" (bows are those jamaaliday things that look like they would go on a present not a bow and arrow lol)
Yeah that's about it
idk I just needed to get my thoughts out there
Like it matters hah
Why am I writing this
like a poem
why am i not using proper typing
dont ask lol

Yeah kthxbai

oh yeah i dont feel like ending this yet
idk why you are reading this 
wat r u dong