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Monday, January 28, 2013


This is just a small post on the progress I made with updating all of the pages and stuffs.

√ Unreleased and Deleted Items page is 100% up to date - just need to add more colors
(the link to this page has been fixed)

√ Replaced my old animal picture with my new look

 √ Still working glitches page has been deleted - most of them have been fixed and the page wasn't very detailed, etc.

√ Chat has been added again and is 100% complete

√ Glitch pictures page will remain as it is, although I might decide to change some of the text

√ Added word verification to comments because of the amount of spam I've been getting

I am not sure what to do with the Server Names page - there are so many new servers (they aren't even called servers anymore) and I think it's useless to keep the page up.

Also unsure what to do with the Jammer of the Month page as I am discontinuing it.

Newspaper archive is 45% done, will be put on hold

Codes page is -42% up to date. Could someone please give me a list of working codes?

Rare Mondays page is 70% up to date, link now works

Monthly Gifts page is 0% complete as I have yet to create that page

All of the pages together probably add up to 33% finished


  1. Love? Would you like to join my
    Blog Life's written truth? We post about lessons that people can learn from! Get back to me asap! Thanks! :)

    1. I get a lot of blog requests, but I really like the idea of this one! But I'm going to have to do a ton of work on this one and possibly 2 more blogs. :C Perhaps another time

    2. Ok I understand! If you ever want to join..you know where I'm at! ^.^

  2. Yay!! Your sort of back lovey! I missed you :)

    1. I pretty much completely forgot how to use this site. :\

    2. You could visit my blog if you like :) http://wolfypoofanimaljamfun.blogspot.com.au/

  3. OMG, HEY MEL! YOU'RE BLOGGING AGAIN! I'd love it if you joined my blog, The Animal Jam Aqua! :)
    Oh by the way, it's your best bud, Rarefearlessanimal! :3 So glad this blog is back again! :D
    Here's the like to my blog: http://animaljamaqua.blogspot.com/
    (It's not nearly as good as this...) XD

    1. MEL! XD Want to be on my blog? :))))) I'll be on yours if you need me! :D

    2. I can't please read my above comments I have too much workssss :c

    3. Hey! Mel,is it ok with you if i call you May?

    4. Thanks:) It just reminds me of the olden days and how much fun we had:)


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