Throwback Thursday lol close enough

Friday, February 8, 2013

Purple Mech Angel Helmet

I've noticed something on one of AJHQ's posts. Check out this post on The Daily Explorer.
One of the koalas has a purple mech angel helmet on their head!
If you don't know, this color of mech helmets have never been released!

Of course it doesn't really matter, it's just interesting what clothing AJHQ gives themselves (yes, this koala is from AJHQ).

But it makes me wonder if the helmets will come back out soon, and what secrets they are hiding from us.
Remember the sitckynote thing?

This was a new icon next to the gems icon when AJHQ played AJ. The feature was never released. What I think this is, is either a tool for AJHQ to send out an AJHQ announcement to everyone (I forgot what those are called), or an upcoming feature to take screenshots of AJ. 


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chocolates of love

Chocolate loves you, even if you don't love it back. And that is probably why you can buy a box of them again in the shape of a <3

In Jam Mart Furniture of course, you can spend a few gems and eat chocolate! Yay! Now let's make cookies

Apparently chocolate is a girl's best friends (AND DIAMONDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS) and I agree lol

But diamonds are better because they are shiny and awesome because they can be made into a pickaxe so you can get obsidian and make a portal to the Nether and then search for a Nether Fortress for 3 hours only to be disappointed that there is no nether wart there so you have to find another fortress (which takes another 3 hours) than you need to kill a ton of Blazes and get blaze rods and make a brewing stand and get eyes of ender so you can activate the end portal and murder the ender dragon and then get the dragon egg that is very useless because it does nothing at all but teleport away to your basement and annoy you but after that you get bored and never do anything again for the rest of your life and then you find a server that you dedicate your life to and kill the dragon again and again to get money 

And... there goes another 30% of any viewers I had because no one has any idea what I just said -_-

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 5th

Today is February 5th in AJ's time. February 5th is the date I joined AJ 2 years ago. Let's eat cake now, because it is so (not) exiting...


Unfortunately I couldn't find today's item so I can only assume it's in the Friendship Party. And the next one is like 5 hours away...

So no post today other than this little piece of text.

Just kidding, I'd do anything for you guys <3

I waited for the party and found the new item, the Princess Char!

This isn't a new item, it was released years ago but it's back again. Wouldn't those rose vines hurt you when you sit in the chair though?

Anyway, someone has been trying to hack me lately. So if my animals start losing items (specifically my seal) and I start acting weird, it's the hacker ruining my account. Cause someone out there wants to ruin this girl's dreams. :c

But whatever happens is meant to be <3

See ya guys in the comments (if anyone comments, that is)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Rare Knight Helmet

In Jam Mart Clothing there is a new Rare Monday Item - Rare Knight Helmet!

Too lazy to get games as always~

But I was thinking about Monday items a little, and I think that when a new Rare Monday item comes out, there should be 7 additional new colors as well. All of the normal clothing items (with the exception of Freedom Items and Founders' Hats) have 8 colors you can buy. So why don't the "rare" ones also have 8 colors? Think of the Rare Top Hats (the orange ones)... Wouldn't it be cool to have purple top hats that ACTUALLY exist? Because there are so many rumors of purple top hats (sadly none are true)...
Yeah I don't think anyone knows what I am talking about.


Sunday, February 3, 2013

♥ Balloon

One of my first and favorite items is back again in Jam Mart Clothing, the Heart Balloon!

(Idn dat cute?)

And I just realized the Hatapolooza shops are gone and I forgot to buy all the top hats -_-
And now if I try to trade for them people will treat them like they are rarer than they are but oh well I don't really care I don't even know why I am putting this in this post it has nothing to do with heart balloons or whatever.


Admire the pickaxe
Love the pickaxe
Eat the pickaxe
Wait no that would hurt your teeth because it is made of diamond

Okay I am done

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Why have I not been posting again? (You guys should have expected me to do this again lol)
Because Minecraft. I found a server I like and I haven't stopped playing on it for days. I haven't used my own computer in days so I pretty much forgot AJ exists. :C

But no I didn't quit or anything.

Based on the votes on the poll, most of you want me to just continue AJF and nothing else. But I feel differently about that. There are plenty of AJ news sites like this one out there. Do we really need another one? Personally, I'd much rather make the Wiki thingy (I bet no one even knows what that is lol). There isn't any other site like it that is about AJ. I can work on that whenever I have time. 
Let me hear your thoughts on this, because I don't think we really need another AJ blog. :\