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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chocolates of love

Chocolate loves you, even if you don't love it back. And that is probably why you can buy a box of them again in the shape of a <3

In Jam Mart Furniture of course, you can spend a few gems and eat chocolate! Yay! Now let's make cookies

Apparently chocolate is a girl's best friends (AND DIAMONDSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS) and I agree lol

But diamonds are better because they are shiny and awesome because they can be made into a pickaxe so you can get obsidian and make a portal to the Nether and then search for a Nether Fortress for 3 hours only to be disappointed that there is no nether wart there so you have to find another fortress (which takes another 3 hours) than you need to kill a ton of Blazes and get blaze rods and make a brewing stand and get eyes of ender so you can activate the end portal and murder the ender dragon and then get the dragon egg that is very useless because it does nothing at all but teleport away to your basement and annoy you but after that you get bored and never do anything again for the rest of your life and then you find a server that you dedicate your life to and kill the dragon again and again to get money 

And... there goes another 30% of any viewers I had because no one has any idea what I just said -_-


  1. I know what you just said! Go Minecraft ramblings!

  2. MINECRAFT. xD Don't play it but I heard it was fun.
    Diamonds, you say? April is the month of my birthday AKA I have the month of the diamond... o^o
    I love the chocolate back c:

  3. More like Computer is a girl's best friend ;D

  4. Replies
    1. Dr56~Random mode XDP))PPFebruary 8, 2013 at 11:24 AM

      P.S.Are you a demigod/Percy Jackson fan?

  5. I'm glad they brought this back, I've been waiting for it. c:

  6. Sometimes I act like a magpie that's obsessed with---
    ....sometimes, I act like a magpie

  7. i do u play animal jam and minecraft, those are the 2 most games inplay. i would play pokemon too but my ds ran out of battery and (somehow) i don't have a charger. :3

    oh and in minecraft u r supposed to build amazing/random stuff so u get rescources then build a town or city or themepark or tower or whatever then be proud of it. then get jelois when u see anather person's version of what. u did.


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