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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Not again

Aww not this again... I say I come back and then I don't. Instead of spending your time being mad, be happy that I no longer post here :D

I decided to make the AJ Encyclopedia! I will work on it whenever I feel I need to. Here is a link:




  1. Why did you stop posting. I enjoyed this blog.

    -Extremely unrare person

  2. look love lost you were the best and i was one of your fans who didn't want you to go, and now it looks like you have been growing older and more unfun. im sorry to say that but really now i see your posting lazy. you know what, i guess as you grow older you grow lazy,mean, and all that stuff. your not really mean, you just have a sign for lazy posting. well XC - from one of your biggest fans

    1. It's not laziness, it's that I lost interest in AJ. In my opinion, AJ used to be the best game ever. Now, it is just missing something... It's just not fun anymore for me. Maybe I am just blind to see the good things about AJ, but it just doesn't feel the same. :c

  3. Hi May! Can you wait for AC:NL, 'cause I can't! Also, maybe one day, you can make this blog more than just about AJ! Well, I'm here if you need help. Oh and Goomby says hi! c:


  4. I am not happy because you are no longer posting on this blog. I regulalry use dto go through your posts but I think you have now shifted to the other blog.


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