Throwback Thursday lol close enough

Monday, June 30, 2014

Boring stuff that no one really cares about that I'm going to talk about anyway

I'm not sure what to do with this blog, there's no point in just posting about new items and such because that's just about what every AJ blog is. So what should I post about? Just new updates? Guides for adventures? Guides for trading and getting rare junk? Or should I just let it die? I know I already ruined AJF a long time ago but there has to be some way to fix it... right?

I did bring back my old Breadstick the Croc blog (which I usually update every Tuesday)
Breadstick was an original idea by me, but now there are tons of blogs like it so I had mixed feelings about reviving it

But I don't want AJF to be "just another boring AJ news site" (let's be honest AJF was always boring)
It needs something unique, and I'd like some input
I could mix my old newspaper archive with a clearance item history and Rare Monday history... I could just post funny things that are AJ related... Ideas?