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Sunday, August 3, 2014

"Beta" and Beta

I guess I'll start posting new items again! There's no real reason not to, so why not just post them? Now there's two new items a day (occasionally) so I guess it's a good time to post these in case you miss one.
In Jam Mart Furniture, there's the new Tiki Chair to go along with a new item from a few days ago:

There are a few other variants of these

There is also a new old tiem in the Beta Party, the Beta Pink Jar:

And there's something I want to clear up - people keep asking why there are no "real beta items" for sale at the party. But the truth is, the things for sale at the party are from beta, they just weren't available as items. For example, the Beta Monkey Statue was used in the Lost Temple of Zios where the broken Zios statue pit is now:

And the banners that are for sale were in the beta dens as immovable decorations!
Personally, I really like how they made decorations into placeable items. But I guess what people are rare items to come back that are from beta. And they seem to already be available. Almost every items in the game is available as a prize in The Forgotten Desert. And several come to stores, either as rare Monday items, or just randomly like gazelle horns.
And spiked collars are not beta items!

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