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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Junk That used to be Rare Junk

Nafaria9 of >>The Animal Jam Whip<< posted recently about items that were once super rare, and since almost everyone in AJ is obsessed with rare junk, I feel like I should continue her post and talk about some items that are in Jam Mart Clothing that were once super valuable
This was back in 2011 and 2012

Horn Helmets

I think this item wins the "most forgotten item ever" award
Yes, Horn Helmets used to be very very rare. There weren't many of these in the game. Even back when they were rare, no one knew what these were! The colors that were circulating were this grey one, the black one, and the orange one. Grey was most common, then it was black, and there was only 1 orange one in the game. When these came back, it seems like no one really cared because this is the most forgotten item in the game

Police Hats

Yes, Police Hats! These were once rarer than horse coins are now. The four original colors were all in existence back then, though the normal green and brown one was most common and IIRC the other colors were all equally rare. Now, people treat these like trash : (


Specifically, Antlers that weren't the white variant. There were a lot of white antlers around, but very very few of the other colors, especially red and yellow. There were probably only 1 or 2 of each

Pirate Hat & Pirate Beard

Mhm, these were pretty rare too. There weren't many of either around, and there doesn't seem to be many around now either. I just remember someone randomly send me a pirate hat way before trading came out


This is the last item I will be talking about. Ties only came in 5 different colors back then. They were about the same rarity as Fox Hats were. Fox Hats are still rare today I guess, but ties were left in the dust (by dust, I mean Jam Mart Clothing)

It's funny how items that are so rare can lose value in a day. It seems like no one cares about any of these items anymore. It's a shame, I still love ties and horn helmets :(
If you want me to make a part 2 of this "series" let me know
I'd like newer players to know more about the old AJ

(and for all you rare obsessed people, I'd hate to break the news but almost every rare item in the game is in the eagle adventure lol)



  2. I remember when horn helmets were rare I think i had one or two, and I still like horn helmets , And I remember when people called elf tail armour ''tail gloves'' now I ask for tail gloves to people who ask me for stuff NOT on my trading list.

  3. Someone tried to trade me 3 of these horn helmets for one of my top hats. Luckily I was suspicious and declined and checked the store.

  4. So, people that have been in beta days know this? That means that some people still have the other color variants! (by that i meant the beta colors variants) That means that those color variants are super rare and should be traded with worthy stuff.

    1. The colors from early beta all got replaced with "modern" colors with the exception of Beta Hood and Milky Tiara so it's impossible to own amy beta colors other than those


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