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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Locked Accounts Part 1

Another shaman portrait is available in Jam Mart Furniture!

Sir Gilbert Portrait

Looks like they didn't stop after portraitizing Liza and Cosmo, they just took a break from releasing portraits for a few days


I want to address a a problem I have with some of my AJ accounts. I posted about this before a while back, but maybe someone knows how to help now
So when I go to the parent dash, I have multiple pages of accounts (I think it's 10 accounts per page)
All of my accounts are disabled/locked, which is a setting you can use for AJ accounts which basically prevents you from logging in
I am able to unlock any of the accounts on page 1, but on any other page, if I try to re enable any account, I just get sent back to page one, and the account remains locked
This means that I cannot access any of my accounts that isn't on page 1
I know for a fact that it's not just my computer or parent dash - I tried to unlock accounts with multiple parent dashes and multiple computers, and all of them have the same problem
I contacted AJ HQ about this a few times, and every time they gave me unhelpful answers... All they tell me to do is empty my cache, delete my history, and all that stuff, which never works. (not to mention the "be sure to check out the prizes at the carnival" message they always shove at the bottom of messages)
So I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem and if there even is a solution. I don't want my accounts to be lost for good :(
What I think I need to do at this point is move a page of account to a new parent dash (which will make those accounts on page 1) but AJ was once again unhelpful. They kept telling me that I can only change the parent email 3 times (implying that I want to just change my email which isn't what I'm trying to do)
I was thinking I email them once more saying I just want to move one account to a new email and posting their reply here, just to prove how unhelpful they are, and I probably will do that


  1. Hmm.. I never heard of that. Maybe try calling AJHQ instead of getting a robot e-mail.

    Be sure to check out the carnival prizes!

    1. Don't you dare tell me to check out the carnival prizes!

      And they did suggest that I call them which I haven't done yet. The one time I did call them, they spoke exactly like they do in emails (and no, they didn't have a robot voice, they just used the same words) but I guess it's easier than sending messages and waiting for a response, thanks!

  2. when will u do part two???

    Don't forget to check out the carnival prizes!

  3. wooo i love gibert sice you said not totell you..... dont forget to check out carnalvel prizes (ya i know i am anoying

    1. I love how every comment is telling me to check out the carnival prizes... well played, guys

  4. can you PLEASE make an post search i am tring to find the "old animal jam"
    post but i cant or tell me where it is?????(i am dat anoying person)

    1. What "old animal jam post"? But that's a great idea, I'll try and add a search bar

    2. Added it, thanks for the suggestion!

  5. my wolfiewantsutodie
    ac was locked the user was changed to jammer5674c
    it was a fman ac


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