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Friday, August 8, 2014

Mail Time (In Reverse!)

Today's new item is the Ice Cream Parlor Jukebox to go with the ice cream parlor set:

It's in Jam Mart Furniture like the rest of the set!

There's also something that I've been doing (and hopefully you will too) that I call Reverse Mail Time (or Free Gift Tuesday) Basically what it is is I go around Jamaa, randomly select someone, and send them a rare gift! There's nothing like getting a random gift in the mail, right? Today I sent a Rare Arctic Coat:


I sent the coat in a Jam a Gram with the message "Enjoy!" and got this back:

That's all I really look for in return - a simple thank you

I also sent my buddy Balaur my Horse Coin thing and she was pretty happy

Hopefully I can start a wave of gift giving kindness to restore peace to Jamaa (I doubt it but it's worth a shot)

~ Azalea


  1. I love it c:

    As promised! I will comment until I get back from vacation? I will still comment, but then I can speak to you in person.

  2. Now my friends think Naffy gave me the coin X3



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