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Sunday, August 10, 2014

More Ice Cream (for your wall)

Like yesterday, the new item today is in jam Mart Furniture:
Giant Ice Cream Cone

They come in various flavors too
I'd show them all if I knew how to make .gif files but I'm not that much of a tech nerd (I'm not saying I'm not a nerd in other things though)


Something I noticed quite a long time ago, there are unreleased colors in the "How to recyle items" video:

I'm talking about the two Jamaaliday Bows and the Reindeer Mask
They are kinda blurry and hard to see, yes
One bow is a magenta-ish color and the other is green. We never got a dark red bow, and we certainly never got a green. I would have loved such a green ribbon bow...
And the reindeer antlers are also magenta-ish, though they do look like regular ones since, again, it;s hard to see them
Remember, this video was made way before all clothing items had 8 available colors (some still only have one, which are typically Rare Monday items) so it's possible these were planned to be released but never quite made it. I wonder if any of these are still in that AJ guy's account



  1. Interesting video! I like the old form of the items more than I like the new, 3-D form..

  2. Same here. Apparently, they banned 'skullies' because they looked inappropriate on pandas! Sorry if you already new that :)

  3. Replies
    1. we dress like stereotypical pink and purple bunny or wolf girls and stage a breakup with each other
      then pick a random girl in the room and say "well i like (name) better anyway"

    2. That sounds extremely homorous. Can I use an Alt?

    3. not now tho people are on and it's awkward

    4. Ok I should be on later around 5 or 6, maybe earlier.


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