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Saturday, August 16, 2014

More on Pet Trading

The new item today goes along with the balloon set - the Hummingbird Balloon Hat!

It's available in the Summer Carnival

It's a pretty cute hat, but not nearly as cute as yesterday's item!


I also mentioned pet trading yesterday, and I'd like to talk about that in this post. Due to a glitch that occurred a long time ago, I was able to take this screenshot:

You can click the image to enlarge it

As you can see, there are 3 trade tabs - one for clothing items, one for den items, and one for... pets?

This is the only proof I have that pet trading was once a planned feature. It's possible that it wasn't the pets themselves that would be traded, but rather the items that pets can wear

Anyone remember how pet clothing used to work?

You would have to select symbols, and the symbols you chose would decide what colors your pet was. So if you wanted my cat Mirrorsky, you'd have to pick 4 snowflakes symbols

But you still weren't guaranteed to get her necklace. Instead, pet clothing was completely random!

If you wanted a pet with clothing, you would have to keep buying pets until you got the item you wanted - and most of the time you wouldn't even get an item!

Now, you can choose your colors and items directly (though there are still a few pet items that aren't available anymore)

Enough on that though
My point is, it's possible that this pet trading feature was for pet clothing, and not for pets themselves, since getting the item(s) you wanted were so tough (or maybe it was for both!)
Back then you couldn't remove pet clothing either so if you didn't want an item you'd have to release the kraken pet

Pet items never had their own inventory, so maybe they had trouble making it, and that's why the feature was never released?
Only AJHQ knows I guess



  1. Tempted to email AJHQ and ask them about pet trading, but of course I'd get the classic response of:

    Hello fellow Jammer,
    We are sorry to hear you are having trouble in Jamaa.

    Also be sure to check out the Summer Carnival for some amazing games and prizes!

    1. Yeah, lol! And I had completely forgotten about the old system for pet adoption. Wasn't there an achievement for getting a rare pet? I guess only a few people have that achievement now. Same goes for the "Call of the Wild" achievement, you can't get it anymore.

    2. I think there was actually an achievement for that, now that I think of it

  2. love your blog its the best by far :)

  3. I remember Mirrorsky. She's so cute!!!

  4. i dont remeber i cause i idd not play back then


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