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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Probably my weirest experience on AJ ever

Ok so... I went on AJ as was going to attempt to get some missing achievements and then my friend Eevee summoned me. I was trying to tell him that a lot of AJ's games are knockoffs (like how Swoopy Eagle is an obvious ripoff of Flappy Bird) while we were at Sol Arcade.

Then this bunny comes and says to me "you are rudeness"
He kept saying stuff like that and "bad guy" to me and I was super confused, and so was Eevee
Eevee then had to go unfortunately, so I was left alone to figure this by myself. And it was slightly fun, actually

So I left the arcade after Eves left, and the bunny followed me everywhere I went. I could have just went to my den or something, but I was tempted to see what would happen next
In this picture he is saying "you scared"
I think he said that because I left Club Geoz after he followed me in there. I asked "scared of what?" and he said "you are of everyone"

Then he called me "scared cat" (which I assumed means scaredy cat) but I said something like "I'm not afraid of cat" and "cats are cute, I'm allergic to cats tho" (or something like that, I don't remember my exact words)
After I said that he said "yes you are"

And since I am in fact allergic to kitties, I said "yes I am"
He said "yes" again and then...

He says "take that" and then "take that bad guy"
Yeah I'm really confused

Then I went back into the Sol Arcade because I knew he's follow me (which he did) because for some reason I felt like bringing him here

Am I a bad guy member for asking him if he was allergic to cats too?
(his answer was no by the way)

And out of no where he asks me to be his best friend

Then my friend madd came in and I begged her to help me because I was super confused

Now he's starting to apologize for being mean to me (even thought he wasn't that mean since I couldn't understand him half the time) but it looks like madd doesn't know what's going on either
And he asked me to play Wind Rider (which is why he's saying Follow me!)

 So we played Wind Rider... and then he says this

The game icon is in the way of his message but he said
"you are my best friend i can ever have without you"

If that sentence made any sense, you should probably read it again, because it makes no sense

So basically it started out with me and Eevee talking about knockoffs, this guy calling me "bad guy," to playing Wind Rider?

 I forgot to mention that he was calling me bad guy because I said "bad words"
If you know me well enough, you know that I never use "bad words" unless he thought knockoff was a bad word... Yeah I don't know

 AJ makes less and less sense every day, and that's why I still play


  1. Haha. You should make Animal Jam in a nutshell featuring this.

    1. Good idea! I want to make a page showing pictures of weird things people say and stories like this

    2. can u make a link to aj in a nutshell for me? -laslo289

  2. A classic day on Animal Jam...

  3. XD once a random person walked up to me and said you need clean yourself, I was in appondale in the mud pool and playing and then he said you no clean so I replied ? and he said please do no be no clean and then he went to my den and I logged off and did other stuff for like 3 hours and I went on again he was STILL in my den, in the same position. O,O the next day he left.~Repti

  4. Hey, it's GreatShot, remember me? :P I just haven't played AJ in a while or came to this blog.

    But anyways - to me it sounds like this guy was a little kid, I mean this sounds like the kind of thing my younger cousins would do. If he was, then it was good that you tolerated him. :P

  5. XD Well, once I was in Jamaa township and I felt like going to appondale to go play around in the mud. Anyway, I lead my animal there, and whoa there were a lot of jammers saying,trade me rare spikes and stuff like that. Anyway, then this weird pink wolf came in appondale saying,''EVERYONE YOU BETTER TRADE ME ALL OF YOUR HEADDRESSES.'' I don't know why she said that. Anyway, I said,''you can't force people to trade you their items.'' She said,''YOU BETTER TRADE ME YOUR HEADDRESS OR ELSE''. And honestly, i am a non member and i don't have a headdress. Then a few members ( including me ) said,''or else what?'' She said something inapropriate. Then she started to be mean calling me a feather head. I was like,''lol i don't have feathers'' XD but she was very bad. She said bad words. She didn't say them EXACTLY because she didn't have free chat. She said a few words but i knew what she meant. Anyway, please report her. Her USERNAME is JENIR. She's a pink wolf with black eyes and she's a non member. Thank you.


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