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Monday, August 11, 2014

Rare Sun Visor

In Jam Mart Clothing is today's Rare Monday Item, the Rare Sun Visor!

The colors go together nicely I think. The problem I have with sun visors is they look too small on most animals. Regular Sun Visors just left the store a few days ago, so I wonder if this was all planned. Maybe AJ has a secret plan involving sun visors? (Why would anyone have a secret plan involving sun visors?)

There's also another ice cream related item in Jam Mart Furniture:

Ice Cream Toppings Display

They only come in one variant, but it's a cool variant. I'd fill my den with ice cream topping displays if I had the gems and inventory space for it... Wait what


  1. Balaur reads this blog everyday.
    Balaur loves this blog.
    Balaur loves the horse coin.
    Balaur ate all your ice cream.
    Balaur just threw Gatorade on you.
    Balaur just threw tar on snowyflaw.
    Balaur baked you a cheesecake.
    Balaur wants a free plushie.
    Balaur loves this blog <3


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