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Friday, August 22, 2014

Trading Glitch and Cosmo

Today's new item, as expected, is another shaman portrait!

You can now get Cosmo's Portrait in Jam Mart Furniture!
Cosmo is actually my favorite shaman for some reason, he's just cool (*´▽`*)

Also I refuse to call shamans by their new name, alphas, because reasons


I missed in yesterday's post that incoming trade requests got a new look!

I'm not sure how I like the new look - it's pretty cool I guess, but it also takes up most of the screen 
I'll probably miss the old trade request look (not that I ever trade anymore)

And then I found a weird graphical glitch:

Chiaki's nametag disappeared, and was combined with my friend's wolf


I'm probably going to remove the giveaways page because no one seems to care about it lol


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