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Friday, September 26, 2014

2010 - 2011 Halloween Rares

Edit: It seems I was misunderstood, none of these items are that rare anymore, especially because they are in the eagle adventure. These items were only extremely rare in 2011

While I don't care much about trading and rare items, one of the reasons I adore Halloween so much is because of the items that used to be extremely rare that were from Halloween. I know that sounds really weird since I just said I don't care for rare stuff, but when I think of these certain items, they remind me of the past, which was much more... peaceful

So I guess today I'll be talking about items, more specifically Halloween items, that were once extremely rare, and only a few Jammers out of the millions of players had them

The main reason these items were even this rare was because there really weren't that many members back then. Keep in mind all of these items came out October 2010, around when AJ first started

I actually used to be an item collector (though I still cared more about friends than rares) but I am not going to say which items I used to own when they were rare, because last time I did that I got yelled at for bragging lol

Most (if not all) of these items came back in October 2011 and introduced new colors. I'm only going to be talking about the original colors here

Witch Hats

The regular grey witch hat wasn't too too rare, but still not many people owned them. It's the other colors of these hats that were worth something. Red was the second most common, I think there were about 7 of them in the game at the time. These are just estimations and are based off my memory by the way
Green witch hats were really rare too, there were maybe 4 of them in the game
Pink was the rarest, as there were about 2 of them in the game. If you ever saw one back then you were really lucky, and even more lucky if you owned one!

Witch Masks

These are items that are almost as forgotten as Horn Helmets, even now. They were much rarer than Witch Hats. Green was the most common, and it seems like there were only about 1 or 2 of each of the other colors

Scary Bell Hat

This is another forgotten item. These came before the Jester Hat item did (at least I'm pretty sure) and only came in this one color, like most of the other items that have Scary in their name. Like the other Halloween items there were very very few of these in the game, maybe around 10

There are many more, I'll make a part 2 sometime soon!
This post was really made just for the sake of being a reminder to me of what used to be extremely rare, but I figured at least someone would find this interesting so I posted it anyway


  1. I own a grey witch hat! OMG

    1. They aren't that rare anymore, especially because they are in eagle quest


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