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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hacked Items

I'm going to talk about hacked items today, but you can probably tell from the title of this post so I'm not even sure why I bothered to point it out but I did anyway

Since a long time ago, unreleased items have been circling around Jamaa
For example, aapen owned a Blanket from Best Dressed way before they were released
(That picture was taken Novemeber 28, 2011)

And there were also two unreleased Elf Bracelets floating around too, they were green and this teal one
(This picture was taken on October 23, 2011)

keykayblack also had a Pirate Sword before anyone else, and I think it was CeleneForest who also had one (they might be the same person, but I know there were two purple pirate swords in the game)

(Picture taken on April 6 2012)

Sure, these aren't have been released since then, but at one point these items were one of a kind (two of a kind in the sword's case) and not many people had any idea on how these people got these items

I believe in my controversial story post I explained how I got my hands on one of these swords when they were still this rare, and I simply traded for it (I forgot who, but the girl I traded also traded for theirs)

 And let's not forget the raspberry bow which was also unreleased at the time, yet someone owned one
(It was also the same case with the neon bow after the new set of bows was released)

But there has to be some way these items got into the game early, right?

There is a new batch of apparent hacked items around Jamaa now

This is an actual picture of Skullys that was found on batwing107's trade list
Skullys were in the game back in beta, but they were completely removed from the game, meaning anyone who owned one had theirs stolen by AJHQ

According to previous owners of these "fake" Skullys, if they try to wear them, they appear invisible

There is also the Stone Sword which I previously posted about

And what about orange nm gloves? I don't have a picture of that unfortunately
There are many other items I'm forgetting here, but these are just some examples

I do have some info that may not be true, but Bellsong, the owner of the unreleased green elf bracelets, claims that one day they were looking through their old Jam a Grams and found one from AJHQ with a gift. That gift was the green elf bracelets!
(that was based off of pure memory so if I'm wrong, sorry Bellsong)

So apparently AJHQ sends seemingly random people these odd unreleased gifts?
However, I once emailed AJHQ about this topic, and they gave me some answer like "We are sorry but we can't gift Jammers rare gifts" or something like that, but we all know that they barely even read the emails they get and give automatic responses, so AJ's email might be a lie. And I highly doubt they'd send someone the "fake" Skullys that can't be worn

But the obvious answer is that people hacked in these items. But that leaves me with a question... Why do these hackers only hack in one of each of these items? (I'm going to assume one of the purple swords was cloned with the sekrit glitch)
Think of it this way - you are an item hacker and decide to hack in a pair of Skullys. Why would you only hack in one pair, and not something like 50? Or at least 2?

It's suspicious... Perhaps there's a member of AJHQ that secretly sends these items to people? 


  1. I just remembered the orange heart locket that stallion1 owned, and I asked AJHQ about it and I got an answer that wasn't an automatic response, but a seemingly lying response
    I don't remember the exact email but I'm sure I have it somewhere, but the answer I got was something like "Orange heart lockets were available a very long time ago (which I guess means beta?) and very few jammers have one now!"
    Assuming they were saying they were available in beta, I'm 100% sure heart lockets didn't exist back then
    If they were talking about when the item was first released in Febuary (or late January) there were only four colors, and orange wasn't one of them. Unless of course it was like the raspberry furry hood and was removed the next day or so, but even then I would think more people would have noticed

  2. Hi May! I am getting back into to Animal Jam again and I am so glad your doing AJF again! :D My friends are the reason Im getting back on AJ and your one of my closest friends on AJ. :) Sadly I was hacked as I was afk :( But luckily the hood is safe c: I remember when all of these things occured. Very mysterious indeed. Remember when there was the girl with the Elf Tail Armor? Mysterious times ~

    ~Bigcats :3

    1. Kitty Katsu~~~

      My friend made me join AJ but now I'm forced to play against my will
      I got hacked too, don't worry (what hood?)
      And the elf tail armor girl was AJHQ

  3. Didn't Bellsong own the green cuffs?

  4. Oh whoops sorry just saw your little fragment about her :P

  5. OMG I remember seeing someone with skullys a long time ago. Everyone was like, OMG OMG WEAR IT! WEAR IT!

    1. I joined in 2011 is that still beta im pinyrose and my hacked account brueder

  6. I interviewed (along with 1-2 other ppl) keykayblack the day she got featured on blogs. I just wanted to go to her den and to my surprise, she was there.
    I asked her how she got it and she told me a quick story about it.
    She said she had joined roughly a month ago and had some items on trade one day. Some random Jammer traded her the pirate sword for one of her items. When I asked her if she knew how the person who traded her got it, she said no. (Thought I'd just share this.)

    1. Interesting, but I'll always remember keykayblack as a scammer, I'll give you the story if you care enough

    2. This was like 2 weeks before pirate swords came out in Sky High and I don't have the best memory so details might be slightly off

      I use using the account llIIlIIlL and we met in my den. She said she wanted more than 4 items for the sword, so what we did was we both went on a storage. On her storage she had a necklace and on her main she had the sword on trade. She said to have my storage trade 4 items for the necklace on her storage and the other 4 items for the sword. I stupidly did that and she accepted the necklace trade and declined the sword trade, deleted me, and left

      I don't know everything I lost, but I know I lost my light brown beard which was really really rare at the time

    3. Oh. I had heard rumors that she was a scammer or hacker, but I didn't think that they were actually true. Now I'm not sure if I want to believe it was a simple trade with no scamming or hacking involved that got her the sword.

    4. The other pirate sword owner, Ceiene, got hacked
      That may or may not be related to keykayblack, I don't know (they both had a sword at the same time)
      Just fell like pointing that out


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