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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Halloween Rares Part 2

I am mainly making this post to show off a visual glitch I found with today's new item
If you click it while you are looking at it in Jam Mart Furniture, this happens:

It has to do with Layers which is something I am not going to bother explaining. Layers are also the reason certain overlap eachother

Enough confusion, let's get to the part that is still probably confusing that I am only posting as a thing for myself to look at in the future but maybe someone who is also a long time AJ player will get some memories brought back from this so here we go

To avoid more confusion I'll say this now: These are items that were rare back in 2011 before Halloween of that year. If you saw any of these items, it was a big deal back then (especially if you owned one of these, which very few people did)

Bat Mask

Ah, Bat Masks... These are particularity nostalgic for me, along with Phantom Hats
These used to be extremely rare (like just about all of these items are, I don't need to keep bringing that up)
I remember chasing one of these down for my good friend DoomDesire (who actually used to post on this site, but doesn't anymore... she's still an author I'm pretty sure) as she wanted one of these really badly. I also made this my real life Halloween costume in 2011... Ah, the memories...
I made the "mask" out of duct tape (It's hardly even a mask, it's really a hat with a cape) along with a pair of Scary Bat Wings and some black Elf Bracelets. The wings actually flapped too! I know that sounds really unrealistic but it's true... sort of
It took a good month and a half or so to make the three items, and a few rolls of colored tape. I had some string and connected the tips of the wings to the elf bracelets, so when I flapped my arms the wings would flap. The costume was really really uncomfortable, and no one even knew what I was supposed to be. Everyone thought I was Batman girl. I also made the same costume (minus the elf bracelets) for my plushie that tagged along with me. Wow that's a lot of typing that I really didn't even need to do...
Anyway, these were very rare and blah blah

Phantom Hats

This is another item that really brings back memories. Doomy wanted a Bat Mask really really badly, and I wanted a Phantom Hat really really badly. The two were about the same rarity (but I think Bat Masks were a little bit rarer) I remember when I first saw this item on someone's trade list in the Juice Hut and I instantly wanted it
These were pretty rare, but definitely not the rarest of the Halloween Items
(No I wasn't crazy enough to make one of these out of tape too)

Pumpkin Mask

Pumpkin Masks are pretty forgotten too. Not many people knew about them even back then, just like the Scary Bell Hat. There were only two known colors at the time, which are the 2 above. The orange was the most common, and the other one (what even is that color?) was one of a kind
There were less of these than there were Bat Masks


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  5. Haha. :P I like the new item. It reminds me of the chest seen in Wind Rider!

    1. That might actually be what it's based off of

  6. Thanks for posting this! Definitely a lot of memories. I remember before October 2011, I had a ton of the Phantom items. At one point I got a Demon Mask, of which there were only a couple in existence. I wish they were never resold. :(

    1. Oooh, someone else remembers how rare Demon Masks were? I wanted one of those back in the day, they always looked so cool to me. I really like how they added new colors

  7. you know how some items do something when you click on them? they also do that in stores which is probably what happened with the chest of gems

  8. the other color was like a ham and i have a phantom hat if u still want it.


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