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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hello and Goodbye

Today there's a pretty cool new item in Jam Mart Clothing!

Egyptian Hat

I quite like this item and I think it's a great addition to AJ


I also want to say hello to my old friend LargeRabbit who quit a long time ago and came back today. I don't think she's really back on AJ, she was just checking in, but it was good to see her again!

She was giving me a "beta tour" until she had to go :(

As I said, it was really nice to see you again!

But I also want to say goodbye to another one of my friends, nafaria9
She's leaving AJ because of reasons, and she will be dearly missed (thought it's more of a long break than actually quitting... I hope)

If either of you are reading this (I highly doubt it), I miss you both!


  1. Oooh, just hatched another shiny bug at 1960 eggs

  2. Beta tour? Hmm...

    1. She took me to the old rooms and told me what she remembered about beta

  3. I'll miss you even more because I loved your company and friendship c: I can guarantee that I'll come back though... it's just a small break to test the difference between life with AJ and life without AJ.

    You are one of my best, best best friends! <3

    1. Ha, I highly doubt I can be considered someone's best friend since I'm so boring and confusing

    2. Melotta your not boring at all!!!!!! I agree sometimes you can be confusing, but whatever we all have flaws right? I am like a puppet or lint or something. I just cling to people and do whatever they do. That's my flaw. I also talk to much. I should stop.


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