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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Item History - Founders' Hat

As requested, the new Item History post will be about Founders' Hats (that was requested, right?)

But before we get to the post, don't forget to use the new code, spooky for 500 gems!
Founders' Hats are basically golden versions for Top Hats that was sold a little bit after beta. When they were in stores, they were only 40 gems

A lot of items in beta were cheap like this, like Skullys for example

The Founders' Hat was created to be a special hat for beta testers, aka the "Founders of Jamaa" which is also how it got its name
These are one of few items that are not available in any adventure and will never come back to stores ever, unless AJHQ forgets the purpose of these hats, which chances are they won't

The old item icon looked like this

And the new 3D icon looks like this
Personally, I prefer the old icon, but that's probably nostalgia speaking

In Tunnel Town, there was a bunny called the Founder Bunny that was only available for a limited time when Tunnel Town first came out

The Founder Bunny is relevant to this post because it's a reference to the Founders' Hat... I guess
It's golden and was only available when the game was officially released

And that's it for Item History! I'll probably do Turquoise Rings next because I know for a fact those were requested
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  1. Which items are more rare than Founders' Hats? I know the special eye, the rare creature masks, what else? And I'm glad spikes are in adventures. They were so overrated.

    1. It depends how you look at it. There are way more Founders' Hats in the game than there are glitch rings, but since Founders' Hats were in the game much longer, people consider them to be rarer

  2. I traded a long pink spike, long blue, long red, and long yellow for a founders. Was that a over or was it fair?

    1. I'd trade spiked collars for one of these hats any day, but that's just me because I'm not a fan of spiked collars. Plus, the spiked stuff is in the eagle adventure while founders are not

  3. People usually trade a Founder's Hat for dangerous Spiked Collars and such.

    I have the Tunnel Town app, and I own a Founder's Bunny named Marigold. She's so adorable because of her chubby cheeks! <3

  4. Item history of mech angel wings?


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