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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Item History - Spiked Collars

As requested

I'll be including all of the Spiked items since they all share the same story for the most part

You probably know by now if you play AJ that Rare Spiked Collars are one of the most popular and overrated items in the game. But they weren't always this popular. They used to be just normal items that no one really cared about having. I'm sure there were still many people that liked them back then, but compared to the amount of fans they have now, it's almost as if no one really cared for them back then

The [Rare] Spiked set was released July 1st 2011 as the second monthly member gift
However, these items weren't always called "Spiked Collar/Spiked Wristband
When they were first sent out the "long" spiked collars and wristbands were called Spikey Necklace (or Spikey Wristband) while the "short" ones were Spiked Necklace (or Spiked Wristband which kept its name)

He's a picture of a Spiked "Necklace"

The names were changed so that both the long and short variants would share the same name (All necklaces became Spiked Collar regardless of spike length) and the word Necklace was changed to Collar, probably because they really are more of a collar than a necklace

And then AJHQ started putting the Rare Tag on items sometime in late 2012 or 2013 and all of the spiked items got Rare added to their names (Rare Spiked Collar for example)

New colors of these items (but only the "long" versions of wristband and collar) were added to the Diamond Shop and that's when the originals because their own Rare variant (this is confusing stuff I know)

And since then, the Spiked set has gotten really popular for some reason. And I really don't get it... When these were released not too many people really cared for them. Now everyone's going cray cray over them!

Most people think these are from beta times but they are from a 2011 monthly gift
But the one thing that really annoys me is how everyone calls them "spike"
For example, "hey dude what do u want for ur spike collar"
Is it really that hard to add a d to the end of spike?

And despite what people think, all of the rare spiked stuff is in eagle quest!!!

They aren't even rare, they are just popular
lol enough ranting I guess

One day someone will break my Enter key and I will be forced to use that dreaded punctuation stuff more often, gross


  1. Something's lacking in this Item History... It's probably the fact that I didn't put all of the old item icons in the post, but there are far too many
    Or it's just that I don't like these items and I really didn't want to make a post about it but ok
    Nah, its probably that I'm a horrible writer ♥︎ ♥︎

  2. Same background as Animal Jam Insiders :P

    1. This is the background I used back in 2011 so

    2. lol proof

  3. if u dont have free chat u HAVE to say "spike collar" - it wont let u say spiked (blame ajhq on that one)


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