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Monday, September 8, 2014

It's not "rare" if it's available again

Looks like AJ ran out of new items and rereleased an old Rare Monday item

The Rare Cupcake Hat is back in Jam Mart Clothing

While I'm not one of those rare obsessed people, this kind of disappoints me - it's not rare if it's going to come back in stores! Actually, Rare Monday items aren't even rare because you can buy them on Mondays! What I mean by that is all the Rare Monday items are available for purchase when they come out (since that's of course how you get them)... and if it's in stores, even for just one day, it isn't really rare, now is it? And it's really not rare if it's a returning item! At least it isn't like nonmember gloves, which came back for Rare Mondays about three times (it feels like 8)

As much as I love these cupcake hats, I just don't understand why AJ would rerelease it and call it rare

The whole idea of Rare Mondays is flawed anyway (I can't be the only one who thinks that right?)

Actually, the whole idea of rare items in general is flawed. They should remove trading and gifting completely, that way you can't lose your items if you get hacked, and you also can't get scammed
I'm probably going to get yelled at for mentioning Club Penguin on an AJ blog, but in that game players get infinite storage at the cost of not being able to get rid of any items in any way (I believe you can have 999 of any furniture item though)
But then AJ would lose half of its playing because of people complain saying "aww i can't scam peopl enymore now i hav 2 get my itemsz legit ugh i hat not being a jerk" (which would be a good thing if all those kind of people left the game but AJ wouldn't do that because it means less $$$)

Alright I think I'm done complaining about AJ now :)


  1. I could go on and on about what is wrong with AJ... I should probably make a list but then everyone's going to complain about me complaining

  2. I think people like hearing others complaining about stuff, lol. I'd be interested to hear what you have to say, at least.

    And you have put my exact thoughts into words ^.^

    1. Are you telling me to complain more? Because I can do that if you want

  3. Complaining lets me see the badness in AJ >:3


    Wow, real creative AJHQ. ANOTHER reason why Smart Bomb is so lazy.

    At least I like the hat XD and you have a good point about the trading and RIMs >.<

    1. I expected people to yell at me for not being a good girl and complaining all day, maybe I should complain more often

  4. Well an item can't be rare if it doesn't exist...

  5. I BOUGHT 1000000000000000

  6. still they shouldn't get rid of trading because you can get and item you really want and the other person can get something they really want


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