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Monday, September 8, 2014

Let's Play: How many of AJ's minigames are knockoffs

•Swoopy Eagle - Flappy Bird (they practically admitted that in one of those AJHQ message things)

•Mira Says - This is also a knockoff but I forgot what the original game is called

• Phantom's Treasure - ISpy (it's a bit of a stretch to call this one a knockoff but it kind of is)
Gem Ball - Plinko (thanks nafaria9)

•Hedge Hog - Pac Man

•Eat 'Em Up - Feeding Frenzy

•Phantom Fighter - Space Invaders

•Overflow - I think it's called Tubes?
 •Fruit Slinger - Anger Birds (Angry Birds is actually a knockoff in itself)

• Gem Breaker - Bubble Pop (this game has so many names and knockoffs, I don't blame AJ for this one)

• Sky High - Doodle Jump (or whichever one of those jumpy games came first)

Honorable mentions:
• Pest Control - Typical tower defense game but that's a genre so it doesn't count as a knockoff but it's still unoriginal

• All the buddy games (other than Scooped as far as I know) - I guess these aren't exactly knockoffs, just straight up copies

 •Double Up - Memory Match (I don't know if memory match is even claimed by anyone)

•Best Dressed - While not a knockoff it was sort of copied from fashion shows people hold in their dens

I probably missed like all of them

I'm sorry I'm so hard on you AJ but seriously, we need more original games like Falling Phantoms and Twister

I'm going to get so much hate for this lol


  1. There are several games like Scooped, but since I don't know exactly how Scooped works, I don't know if they're the same :P

    1. Yeah, there are games where you have to "fill and order" for ice cream, but I think Scooped is unique in that it's a race between you and someone else
      I could be wrong and it probably isn't original though

  2. Isn't Gem Ball Plinko?

    But yeah, you're right. Really, just think of how lazy AJHQ can be. :I

  3. some ORIGINAL AJ games: River Race,Twister,super sort,falling phantoms,wind rider,spider trapper, tierny's touchpool

    1. At least there are plenty of original games too

  4. Mira Says is Simon Says

    And Flappy Bird was a knockoff too

  5. The people who hold best dressed in their own den is a knock off of best dressed ..

    1. Actually those came before the real best dressed did

  6. I think Mira says is Simon says

  7. Mira says is Simon says. Pixie hollow (before it shut down) actually had a game called Simona says (or something like that) that was also a knockoff of Simon says. Although Simon says is a popular party game. Pixie hollow actually had 3 cheap knockoffs of games. Simon says, rock paper fairy (a cheap fairy knockoff of Rock Paper Scissors) and pass the popcorn (you know like pass the potato) but those were pixie hollows only games. Wow I'm getting off topic. What im trying to say is Animal Jam isn't the only website that makes cheap knockoff versions of games.


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