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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Phantom Vortex Prize 2014

Every year, playing the game in the Phantom Vortex will give you a different prize!
 Head over to Jamaa Township, go down to where Jamaa Derby is, and go through the portal!

This year, the prize is a Phantom Scarecrow! I think it looks really really cool, and I can't wait to fill my den with these

It seems to be referencing the Phantom Vortex's first prize, which was a normal Scarecrow
Well done AJHQ, I really like this item!


  1. The prize this year is so cool! I haven't got it yet because I'm not very good at it XD How many levels do you have to pass to get it?

    1. You have to beat level 5, and you can't get 2 on the same account (unless you trade for it/got it as a gift)


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