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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Raspberry is the Glitch Color

You probably notice that I say thing about raspberry being a glitchy color a few times (or 50) but what exactly do I mean by that? If you cared at all (which you probably didn't) then this is the post for you!

I'm going to be explaining why I call raspberry the glitch color as well as some AJ trivia, so maybe you'll learn some technical things about AJ (again, you probably don't care but I'm posting this regardless) 

A long time ago when there were only 20 colors to choose from for your animal, by clicking in the spot shown in the image below, you'd get access to a secret color, raspberry

Here is a bunny that's using this color

No one knows for sure if this was an intentional secret or a glitch
Since the new colors have been added to the selection, this raspberry color is no longer available (thought if your animals were still using this color when the new colors came out, you can still keep the color on) and replaced with a similar color

Here are two pictures of raspberry bunnies - the one of the left will be using the old raspberry

It may be a bit hard to tell, but the old color is darker

When the new color palette came out, the secret raspberry was replaced by a new icy blue color, and you can still get that color today by clicking the bottom right corner's color (like in the first image)

The fact that they replaced old raspberry with icy blue leads me to believe it was a glitch. If it wasn't a glitch, why would they change it? I guess AJHQ has their reasons...

But let's say it really was just a secret for now. When the item Furry Hat was released, there was this color of the hat available
(image from Mldriver)

This color of hat was only available on the day it came out, and the next day it got replaced by a different color (someone confirm this for me?)
But notice how it's raspberry! It wasn't intended to be an available color, that's why it's pure raspberry (apart from the snowflake) and why it was removed

There's also 71, a glitch item that I used to own

It's also raspberry!

I also have a picture of a raspberry headdress that was sent in to me by a viewer (I can't find the picture though) Raspberry headdresses don't exist, it was just a graphical glitch

And don't forget that when Bubbletrons were first introduced, they were glitched!

This is because, for whatever reason, clothing items "defualt" to raspberry
What I mean by that is, when a clothing item fails to load its texture, it displays as raspberry

However furniture items' default is white, as seem in a pictures by Balaur

I also caught a picture of a white coffee table at the wolf party

I'm sure why the game chose raspberry for clothing items, but white for den items

As I've mentioned in many other posts, I may not be the best at explaining things, so if you don't understand something I said, it's natural


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    1. The orange glove >:D
      Or maybe the history of some particular items.
      Like the 'glitch ring', or more about 71, or maybe some weird items like red elf shoes and holiday sweater.

    2. Hmmm... How about Sunday this week. I have a unreleased item.. That you can do a topic about :)

  2. I know were the picture is hold on :3

  3. wow.. that.. color.. is.. GORGEOUS!!


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