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Friday, September 19, 2014

TBA Adventure Videos

You're probably sick of the TBA spam by now, but this should be the last post dedicated to TBA

I recorded some videos of the adventure, mainly to capture how the adventure looked before it was officially released

Keep in mind that I made these videos in a rush and half asleep so they aren't "pro quality" (and I apologize that my YouTube name is so embarrassing)
Also, there's no audio in any of these, but there wasn't much audio in the adventure itself. No music at all, just the basic sounds

The first video is the one I posted previously but I'll put it here again for convenience

This video shows off that it's possible to repeat the adventure over again and keep getting free items quickly

This video shows a secret gem chest, which is most likely going to be a thing that you can only get with four players (like the purple gems in eagle quest, and it might be for purple gems in this one too)

This one shows the adventure on French servers. It's even more unfinished in French as there is no messages other than "FRE-" which is the Enable Cheat message (The adventure itself is just called "f")

And the last one is probably the one that's most interesting, the full tour of the map! This video has pretty much everything in the adventure that the above videos don't have, including the possible haunted mansion place that I don't have many pictures of

Yes I know my YouTube channel is garbaje but I don't upload videos expecting to get famous off them, I barely even upload on there and I don't beg for likes and subscribes like 99.99% of people do lol


  1. Oh, Mel, did you get to keep the blue shag??? Or did it disappear from your inventory after AJ got rid of the adventure?
    Just wondering :P

    1. I got to keep all items I got from TBA
      All the carpets and wallpapers are worth basically nothing now because eagle quest : (

    2. True, but it's really hard to get anything rare in The Forgotten Desert. XD

  2. OMG sorry for all these comments.... I guess this is the Bitter Sweets adventure that came out October 2014???? (Sorry, haven't been on AJ in so long and missed like 1/3 of 2013, all of 2014, and 1/4 of 2015)

    1. Yes, this was an early version of Bitter Sweets


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