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Thursday, September 18, 2014

TBA Pet Adventure Info PART 2

This post is a followup from the last post

Here are some things I found out about the adventure by playing it (some may be repeated from the last post)
  •  The adventure seems to be a Halloween themed adventure (there is a lot of candy, phantoms, spooky trees, a possible haunted mansion, and pumpkins)
  • The phantoms are unable to harm the player (both the little ones and big ones) thought this is almost certainly because the adventure is unfinished
  • The little phantoms can be destroyed just by clicking on them
  • The big phantoms can't be destroyed 
  • Turning into an eagle and starting the adventure will cause the player to be invisible
  • The XP that you get goes to the animal you were before you started the adventure, pets do not have their own adventure levels
  • The "Enable Cheat" is likely there for AJHQ to use for testing as all it does is make the time go to 00:01

Image gallery
Destroying a mini phantom
 A large phantom and some small phantoms in the spooky forest

 The candy gem bags

Liza's message that she says when you start the adventure (for some reason the white shards on the side are glowing)

 Another mini phantom and a spooky tree

A swamp

Another view of the swamp

The invisible glitch

Liza's "finished with adventure" message

The secret gem chest tree

The secret gem chest tree (active)

Another Liza message

The pumpkin patch maze

The giant badly drawn pumpkin

The message that comes up when you try to play the adventure as an ocean pet

When someone joins your adventure, they will appear as your pet too

A lot of the map is just emptiness

Playing the adventure with someone else

A glitch where the crystal shards and time appear outside of the adventure (French)

The empty room

 When playing with multiple people, Liza will say you get 17 minutes while the timer starts at 12 minutes

 A weird white void and walls glowing purple

 The two tabs - the left one brings you to the empty room when you click it, the right one opens the Enable Cheat option

 Part of the unfinished haunted mansion(?) area - and yes, that orb things was actually that blurry when I played it

That's all the images I took, but I have some more videos I'm going to upload!


  1. I like how it says "Go do stuff". Hahahaha. I can't wait for this adventure!!!

  2. Hi! I like your blog. It's cool :)

    1. Your welcome! lol
      Too bad I wasn't on when the new adventure came..

    2. If you log in when the updates first come out, that's your chance of finding weird things like this adventure

    3. Yeah I don't get on AJ until the afternoon though. Btw why does it say "no u" below the "Add comment" thing?

    4. I think that was from when I thought bad grammar was cool
      I should really put an actual message there

    5. Oh XD
      What time is it where you are at? I'm surprised your still replying cause it's late where I am at.

    6. Oh I'm an hour before. Though why are you still up..? (I'm up cause I don't get up early and I don't go to bed too early since I'm homeschooled)

    7. I'm nocturnal
      I really just have a weird schedule. I typically go to sleep at like 5am
      I guess weird people need weird schedules lol

    8. Yeah I'm kinda nocturnal too. Wow! That's pretty late. I go to bed around 2:00 AM or sometimes 3:00 AM
      It was nice talking with you! Though I have to go now. :(

  3. What does "TBA mean ( I Know what TBA means it means to be announced) but is it The Beta adventure,To be announced, or what?

    1. To be announced

      It was called that because the adventure had no name yet

  4. Liza: Go do some stuff. *pushes a poor little kitty to do the said stuff*
    Kitty: I never deserved this. *enables cheat*


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