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Thursday, September 18, 2014

TBA Pet Adventure Info Post

When today's update first came out, there was a new adventure listen in the adventure selection screen

This is obviously not supposed to be here, here a few reasons why:

• Its name is TBA, which means To Be Announced (in other words, it has no official name yet)
• It wasn't mentioned in the Jamaa Journal (when new adventures "officially" come out, they are always mentioned in the newspaper)
• When played, it's clearly unfinished

AJHQ must have accidentally released this unfinished adventure while trying to update AJ!
I took loads of pictures and even a few videos of this adventure for future reference, since I knew this adventure wouldn't be listed for much longer

When you start, this is what comes up:

The top task bar says "TALK to Alpha" which is referring to Liza
Liza is also called "???" in this adventure, probably because they didn't finish putting in her name, or maybe in the future a different alpha/shaman will be the guide for this adventure
She instructs you to "go do stuff", and the entire message is just a placeholder message and will be replaced by a real introduction if the adventure even gets officially released

When you start, five bags of gems will appear to the left of Liza that look like this:

There is badly drawn candy covering the gem bags? This leads me to believe this adventure will come out during the Night of the Phantoms celebration. The candy drawings are placeholders for a better candy graphic. The gem backs in this adventure will look like candies, basically
Collecting a bag/candy will give you +1 gem (though none of the gems you get from bags will count towards your total gem count) and you will get a green crystal shard

There are also two ! tabs that appear below Liza. Clicking on the leftmost one will bring you to this empty room

But if you click the one on the right, this pops up:
 Clicking no will simply remove the message from your screen, but clicking ok will make the time to go 00:01 making the game end quickly
Liza will say another placeholder message when the time's up
notice the mistake - there should be an apostrophe in "times"

 Then the treasure box window will come up like it does in the eagle adventure when get all of one type of gem, and assuming you picked up a gem back (which gives you a green gem) you will get to open the green chest! The first item I got was...

But you can get some rare items from doing this! But the cool thing about this is, you can keep redoing the enable cheat thing and keep on collecting items!

I recorded this video which showcases this:

 There is no audio in the video, but the entire adventure is silent apart from the gem bag collection sound, Liza's entrance sound, phantom sounds, and opening chest sounds

I have a few other videos and pictures which I'll put in a new post


  1. That's super cool. I hope it's for Non-Members!

    1. It appears to be since I was able to play as an nm hamster (and I got into adventures with other hamsters) but that could just be because it's unfinsihed

  2. I got an open sign from it.

  3. weird! sounds like a cross between the forgotten desert and bitter sweets that ajhq wasn't ready to release!

  4. i got a rare lion plushie
    brick wall (apparantly beta)
    a blue cleverclaws table (i was nm so that was sorta good)
    and some other stuff i dont remember

  5. I wish I was there when it happened. :'(

  6. I remember this... I got a Cami's Frog from it.

    Around 1:00pm BST, Animal Jam sent out a notice to all Jammers, which said ''Animal Jam will be restarting in ''x'' minutes.''. This counted down until it reached zero, in which Animal Jam would restart, and when Jammers logged back in, TBA was gone.

    1. I must of had been at school when that happened because when I got home it was gone

  7. Everyone thought it ment the beta adventure. I thought it was a hack because of all the pictures u showed. I woke up early in the morning and thought I would logged onto AJ. I got on and I saw people showing a new pop up saying join adventure called TBA so I got on one and enjoyed it so I played some more and hosted some because I was member at time. I played some more and earned a Kami frog in one. It was a school morning so I logged off getting very excited for the end of the school day so I can log back on and play TBA again. I had a boring school day and finally the bell rang not forgetting about TBA I left school excited. I then got home and got on my computer not even doing homework and logged onto AJ and then got very disappointed that the adventure was gone 😭 I went to jamma to see if there it was being hosted and didn't see on host but saw many other disappointed jammers not finding the adventure. So I went to the adventure spot and did like 5 requests to add the adventure back. Disappointed haven't played the adventure since I have seen it. Note: this is a true story and not made up


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