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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Mystery of "glitch" Items

Something has been puzzling me for quite a while, and once again I'm probably not alone here. I recently posted about hacked items, this time I'm going to talk (and seemingly never stop talking) about "glitch" colors of items

By "glitch" colors, I mean colors of items that were once for sale, but removed and replaced with a new color

I'm not talking about when items in early beta had completely different color schemes (like green top hats and grey bat wings), I'm talking about items that were available at one point and removed, but if you had the item before it was removed the games lets you keep it, like this light green Old Blanket

This color was once one of the colors you could choose from when buying Old Blankets. Now, if you look at the available colors of Old Blankets, light green ones aren't available anymore! They were replaced with dark green ones
But why would they remove only this specific color and not the other ones? I'm afraid the answer to that is unkown

Old Blankets aren't the only items that have a color taken away from shops
There are several other know items, such as these tiaras

These two tiaras were also removed from Jam Mart Clothing - the minty green tiara with a blue gem on top, and the milky white tiara with a pink gem on top

I have other items that have removed colors on the >>Unreleased and Deleted Items<< page (though I am missing a few items on that page which are the other glitch ring, the glitch furry hat, and blue gem elf helmet)

I'm pretty sure when items get replaced by old colors that it isn't just a glitch, and AJHQ did it on purpose. I just don't understand why though...

There are some items that actually are glitched colors, like the ring and hood I mentioned. These colors were never meant to be released, but someone caused them to glitch (it must have been the phantoms)

Maybe next I'll do a post on Raspberry, the color of glitch


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