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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

This is bait

Looks like my last post attracted some r00d people, and if there's one one thing I love doing, it's feeding internet trolls
The trolls seem to hate rants so that's exactly what I'm going to be doing again today, talking about something that I find needs improvement and then suggesting ways to fix the problem
A lot of people seem to forget what opinions are, and that opinions ≠ facts

 I'm going to talk about AJ's "security system" today

A lot more people seemingly get hacked in AJ far more than other games. I could be wrong on that, but it's just my observation

If you've forgotten your password (or are a meanie hacker dude) you've probably noticed that you get infinite guesses for the password. But why? I guess it's because they want you to be able to keep trying in case it actually is your account and you forgot your password, but it's bittersweet in that while you get infinite guesses for your own password, everyone else also gets infinite guesses. Is that really a fair price to pay for being able to keep guessing your own password? I guess it depends on how you look at it. But in my opinion, it's not

I'm just going to trust that no one gets any ideas from this...
Someone could potentially use a program that automatically enters passwords for an account. But since you get unlimited guesses, the said program could run forever until it guesses your password!
I've gotten hacked before and trust me, it's not that fun being hacked. Why would anyone want others to suffer, anyway? But that's beside the point
My recommendation to AJHQ is that they add a password guess limit. That way, way less people would get hacked. And if there is a case where you do forget your password, there's always the "forgot password" button!

There is one thing that AJ's password system has that not many other games (actually I don't think many other non game sites support this) is the ability to put things like Japanese in your password for extra security since the majority of AJ's players can't even type in Japanese, meaning that hackers won't ever think to try Japanese in your password (Unless you can't do that anymore)

There's also the problem of hackers like fman who apparently put a virus into the game and can hack people through Jam a Grams (I'm still not sure if that whole thing was actually confirmed to be true or not) and people who hack in items such as the hacked Skullys that were discovered not too long ago. I don't know exactly how people do these things, but clearly AJ doesn't have a good enough firewall to prevent people from hacking in unreleased items and items that were completely removed from the game
I don't have a suggestion to stop that though, hmm...


  1. don't feed the trolls idiot

    1. I actually really like this comment because of the irony
      (No seriously, good job dear Anon)

  2. Thank you! Finally someone who's noticed!
    Yes, AJ HQ has appalling security. I was hacked when it was still possible to just email AJ HQ, give the birth date of the victim and then get the email changed on that info - then, of course, the password.
    All the hacking was mainly why I quit. It wasn't safe. There was no point being on there anymore if someone could take all your items and un-buddy people and pretend to be you, doing a whole load of innapropriate stuff on your account...

  3. You would think Animal Jam would fix the problem by now. They had 4 years to do it...

  4. Haha. Internet trolls. :P

    You're so right about the security. AJHQ is too busy admiring their popular game that they don't even try to fix it anything.

    1. People don't know that if they don't like rants, they don't have to read them
      I'll never understand internet trolls...

  5. i hate it when ppl call them trolls ITS JUST A PRANK PPLZ ok??????????????????? its not like where hurting anyone (if thats possable to do on aj) like ur overreacating abopt something so stupid but ur not stupid love da blog :) (this comment was not ment to be rude mean disrespectful harmful spam or a troll in any way)

    1. It's not really a prank when you are trying to make people feel bad lol

    2. true but when its just a playful fake giveaway what I said applays

  6. I have never been hacked b4, but I've been scammed. I know what it feels like.
    Btw my friend got a hack once so she quitted Animal Jam
    Seriously, why don't hackers think about what hacking is. Imaging if they were in victims of hackers shoes, logging onto Animal Jam to find out that all their precious betas and rares were taken out of their inventories, all their animals had gone except for some plain wolf, all buddies debuddied and your friend that plays Animal Jam not to trust you anymore, because the hacker sent them something mean. Seriously, hackers out there, if you are reading this comment then I want you to do JUST THAT and think about what you've done.
    (and scammers)
    I am gonna try to join RATH (Rise against the Hackers) or AJSWS (Animal Jam Scam Watchers Society to rule out scamming and hacking ONCE AND FOR ALL! :trumpiant grin: I kind of think they should bring the items that were in the Beta Days back because if you got scammed of something then you could just buy it again. :T Animal Jam is kind of scamming people with robot messages and everything. Like, if you typed a message saying that you got hacked, Animal Jam Headquarters would send back an automatic weird replay saying something like 'We are so grateful that you like our game and you are helping us make it amazing! Have you checked out the new JAMAALIDAY GIFTS?' Seriously, they should read peoples comments... I still like Animal Jam but it would be WAY better if they could rule out hackers and scammers.
    I got an idea... What if Animal Jam (and other sites) had a thumb checking system where you put you thumb on a pad and it identifies if you are the account owner or not. When you start up your account it should say 'Please put your thumb on the Pad.' When you do, it should say 'Check completed.' So every time you log onto your account you would have to use a pad for the game to check to see if you are the correct person. That means if Fman122 tries to hack (or other hackers like X and 7) they wouldn't be able to get on your account.
    Lol my ideas are mostly BANANAS and I wasted your time as much as mine. Lol.

  7. 'We are so grateful that you like our game and you are helping us make it amazing! Have you checked out the new JAMAALIDAY GIFTS?'

    lol that basically sums up every AJHQ response ever

  8. One person i met on AJ said her sister killed herself or something after she got hacked or scammed, DONT HACK AND SCAM, IT DESTROYS LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. There was this person that made me cry, they scammed my Black Long Wrist, then they followed me everywhere i went with thieir spares bullying me. there name was Luigi something...


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