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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Update - September 4

A new update is here! It took them an awful long time to do the update this time around
Let's start with the Jamaa Jouranal

Right on the front page they introduce a new pet - the Sugar Glider!
 They are pretty cute in my opinion. Maybe they'd be even cuter if they had a betterr color scheme than the one above

 Happy birthday, AJ! There's a new code to use which is AJBDAY4 (it's not case sensitive like all the other codes)
This year's cake look like this

It's really stubby this time! I can't seem to find the click function though
There's also the return of the AJ Birthday Party

It appears to be exactly the same as last year however

 A new armor set (in the diamond shop of course) and the unreleased Egyptian set is now... released!

 The croc in the diamond shop is now rocking the new armor set! Click the croc to buy the new armor for yourself

Oooh, it looks like the legs and tail are for nonmembers!

There's also the first batch of Egyptian items in Jam Mart Furniture

Those are pretty cool actually. I hope there's a flooring and wallpaper to go along with it, or it would be pretty hard to make a gold den
And according to the newspaper, there will also be a clothing set!

 Looks like pandas are returning! I don't understand why animals in AJ even go "endangered"
The animals come back anyway, so what's the point? To make you look like you have a rare anumal for a few months?
While pandas are returning, the Beta Party is leaving :(
It was probably my favorite party AJ's ever done. Well, RIP in peace, beta party
Wait, it says leaving for the season which probably means it will be back in 10 or so months. Yay!

 The Summer Carnival is also leaving with the Beta Party, so everything is 50% off. Well, the clothing items are, at least
(this also means that AJ can't reply to me with "be sure to check out the cool prizes at the Summer Carnival!")

And the last page is dedicated to ads :)

And I think that's about it

If you find the click function of the new cake, please let me know
(also now I can't ask people for year 4 cakes because they aren't unreleased anymore... year 5 cake it is!)


  1. The click-function, as you call it, is probably on the flame or the 4?

    AND I NEED A SUGAR GLIDER! I've wanted one for ages >.< but with four cats, it's not exactly practical.

  2. It's on one of the paws :3~Repti

  3. Click on the paws on the cake. The more times you do it, the bigger the cake gets and the more decorations are on. merry Christmas! Hope this helped :)

  4. it gets really big
    first u click 1 of the paws, then click the other paw , then click the other pass that apear, then click some area neneath the grass looking stuff (be very precise) then click the cancle then the flowers then the wolf's face the. the bunny then u SHOULD have a phantom cake!!


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