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Friday, October 31, 2014

Yay, Halloween

 That day is finally here again, Halloween! I don't really have anything Halloween related to post, but I do have some more unreleased stuff to show!

These are once again from ajinsider (and you can tell because it says "@ajinsider" on all of them)

Test Ice Cream Cake Freeze for 9999 gems is the first image
This is obviously a test item (it clearly says "Test" in the item name and is a crazy price)
I'm not sure what exactly this is supposed to be a test for... This item will never actually be released official (since it's a test item) unless they decide to use it for April Fools or something

Here's an unreleased bouncy castle that may be used as a new room, or the more likely possibility, a new party or den

This is a picture of a new den that's also coming out! There's a 98.3% chance that it will be in the Diamond Shop 

And finally, another picture of Pet Lion Cubs, which shows that they can be with or without manes (the last picture showed the cub with a mane)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Juice Hut

We all know about Captain Melville's Juice Hut, right? It's probably one of the most forgotten places in Jamaa. It's probably because it doesn't have much to offer... There was one point when the Juice Hut was crowded in every server, and that was when the new colored and rare plushies were introduced. Then AJHQ decided to put more claw machines in other rooms to clear up the crowds in the Juice Hut

And since then, the Juice Hut lost its few days of being one of the most popular rooms... That poor little useless juice hut :(

I'm not sure why I included that but of AJ trivia but just go with it

Here's something someone might find interesting. There is still a glimpse of the old Crystal Sands in the Juice Hut window!

Here is the outside of the Juice Hut window

But if you look through that same window from inside the Juice Hut, it looks like this...

(I don't remember who, but someone else told me about this)

It looks like there is a water well outside the window though. I don't recall there ever being a well in Crystal Sands, so maybe this window isn't really a view of old Crystal Sands, but instead a view into another dimension! That would explain how new animals magically come to Jamaa, right? Probably

While on the topic of Crystal Sands, here's a wallpaper of the old Crystal Sands

There are so many cave openings in this picture that weren't actually there in the real Crystal Sands which I still find pretty weird

I remember visiting that volcano whenever I had that walk on walls glitch... ah, good times

They should really make a party for the old sands like they did for beta dens

I feel like making this post extra long today, so I am going to shove something else into this post

In another old AJ background, Jamaa Township had these lamps

I can't say for sure if those lamps were actually there at one point, but lamps that look identical appear in the Juice Hut ever since beta

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Info on Animal Coins

If you don't know, when The Forgotten Desert first came out, there was a mysterious item called Horse Coin that could be found in the gem chests. They were only available for the first hour or so, and then were taken out of the adventure. If you still had one of these coins, it would let you keep them. Horse Coins looked like this

Though, recently they have been taken out of the game completely, meaning anyone who had one had theirs removed form their inventory. This was most likely because they were never meant to be released

But I have some more interesting news - the person who posted all those unreleased items posted a new image

It seems there is actually a coin for every animal in the game, and each come in 10 colors!
But there is something I just notice while writing this post. I'm going to use the blue Elephant Coin as an example

Here is the Elephant Coin

And here is the elephant badge that you can use on your nametag if you are a member

Notice anything similar? The elephant picture on the coin and the badge are the same! (The badge has a sparkle on it though)

And this is the same for every animal badge and coin!
Another thing I noticed is that there are 10 colors of each coin, but there are also 10 nametag colors for members!

So what could all this mean? Maybe we were all supposed to get a coin with our animal and nametag color depending on what animal we use? Who knows?
I find it pretty interesting that the coins use the same images as member badges, and the same colors as member nametags

Horse Coins just got more mysterious!

Random topics

Just another one of those posts where I talk about nothing in particular

I finally managed to get clear pictures of the Stone Sword and raspberry Furry Hat

Just in case anyone wanted to see those...

In actual news, the person who leaked the images in the previous post also posted this one

I think it's safe to assume it's real, since the Rare Spooky Top Hat was confirmed to be real since it was the recent item for Rare Mondays

I'll give the link again:

And the last thing I'll be talking about in this post is a test GIF that I made

I really don't like how all the gifs that people post like this are always choppy (it's hard to explain what I mean by that) so I wanted to make them much more "clean"

I'll probably post item pictures as gifs now on the Item Archive page since they can show off all the available colors

I'm still figuring out how to make these so they won't be that pretty at the start

Sunday, October 26, 2014

More unreleased AJ stuff?

These pictures are not mine and are taken from this link:

EDIT: So, since the Rare Spooky Top Hat was in fact today's rare Monday item, that basically confirms all of these are legit

So these are some more unreleased items AJ

I don't know a whole lot about the person who took these pictures but they are obviously a hacker
But as I said, don't give me credit for these images
This is an unreleased item for Rare Mondays which will probably be the next one since it is Halloween themed

This is the Jamaaliday Sled Runway

Weight Bench and Toilet (which are both items that are in Tunnel Town)

Those are all of the plaques in the game, minus one or two of them. There are two unreleased ones in this pictures, one of them being the Epic Den Plaque (the one that looks like a castle) and the Reward Plaque which looks like a Howl Plaque

Another unreleased Rare Item Monday item which could also be a Halloween themed one (but probably isn't)

Pet lions are also going to be released eventually (I thought they had those already)
This could hint that regular lions will return to the Diamond Shop too (if they aren't there already)

And finally, the new animal ARE polar bears (according to the poster anyway)

If this is real, polar bears will be in the Diamond Shop (we all say that coming though) but they seem to be ocean and land animals like otters were!

If one of these items/animals do come out officially, then I guess it's probably safe to assume these are all real

Edit: I left this out of the post before, but there is also this weird item (I think it's just called Clock)

This really doesn't look like an item that belongs in AJ... It looks like something that belongs on the side of a blog or something! But apparently this clock is in the game's code, and I'm really not sure why
My guess is it is used by AJHQ as, well, a clock, but shouldn't their computers have clocks already?
My other guess is it is meant to be a test item. An item that tests items that change over time, like the Epic Season Tree

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Another long awaited item that was hinted in the picture below has finally been released!

It's called the Trick-Or-Treat Bucket and is in Jam Mart Clothing!

I'm just wondering why there is a small bunny in the bucket... Chocolate bunny I guess?

I might as well post the other new item from today, the Mystical Potion Set

You can find these potions in Jam Mart Furniture

Too bad my favorite month is coming to an end...

And on a random note, here are a few messages people were saying in the town that I found weird

This fox girl said these two things over and over

 "gift me they have this armor" and "only the best one"
What the heck does that even mean? I'm guessing they are asking for gifts, and whoever sends them the best/rarest gift wins the armor? But that wording... I kept asking them who "they" was and they stayed quiet for a few minutes and then started saying it again... yeah

And this arctic wolf was saying this message at the same time fox girl was saying her messages

So who "every" gift(s) them, they will have "a" ice armor? They don't explain who will give the sender "a ice armor" so how are we supposed to know? I need answers!


Ever notice the SBI on the bag of cocoa beans in the Hot Cocoa Hut?

Ot the SBI that's on the bottom of wooden TVs?

You probably have, and you probably know what it means. If you don't know what SBI stands for, it means Smart Bomb Interactive which is a company that works on AJ

I like how they hid little easter eggs around the game, and there are probably many more SBIs that I haven't seen

What I really want to talk about is how you can't even say the company's name on AJ without getting yelled at for being inappropriate

In that picture, what I really said was "smartbomb" and got the warning. I even spaced it out, and added interactive to the end, but I still got a warning. It's probably obvious that it is blocked because of the word "bomb" 
What kind of game doesn't let you say the maker of the game's name? Besides, you can say words that are far worse than "bomb" in this game (I guess it depends how you look at it)
You can say poop, inappropriate, and a bunch of other stuff, but you can't say the CREATOR'S NAME?

This game has tons of weapons in it anyway... Swords, bows, nunchucks, crossbows, cannons (that may or may not shoot bombs) and they even hinted bone clubs (and let's not for get the deadly spikes from Spiked Collars)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

AJ Update - October 23

 Yay, a new update! Unfortunately there is hardly anything new, but I guess that's okay since we get a new update every two weeks

Here's the new Jamaa Journal

 Pet owls are back and are in the Diamond Shop!

I'm still waiting for phantom pets...

Here's page 2

That's pretty cool, members now get an additional 100 den item spaces and can now place 300 items in one den!

Hopefully we get more clothing item space soon, or even stackable items (what I mean by that is, if you have two of the same item they will only take up one item slot)

Page 3

There's a sale on Halloween stuff, but only seemingly random items. I'm not sure why they chose random ones, but who knows what AJ is up to? Also, my favorite time of year is almost over, meaning all of the Halloween themed parties and items will soon be gone :(

Page 4 has what is probably the most exciting news, a new animal is coming soon!

My guess is the new animal will be polar bears! Almost everyone seems to think so too. Polar bears are animals that could have been in AJ for years because they were on a new animal poll, but seals won

And here are the new items I found (all are returning items, so technically not new)

 Halos are now in Jam Mart Clothing

Candy Bowls are in Jam Mart Furniture

Feathered Masks are in Epic Wonders too

That's all there really is to this update. When AJHQ says a new animal is "coming soon" that usually means it will be out in like 6 weeks, which isn't exactly "soon"
It will most likely be in the diamond shop because for some reason AJ thought it was a good idea to add a premium currency to this once simple game (seriously almost every game that had a currency system has a "premium" one... It's annoying and unoriginal)

Let's just hope the new animal actually is coming soon and that it is available for gems

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Glitchy stuff

I was trying to log into today AJ but the site itself wouldn't load. Other sites were loading just fine, so it must have been something to do with AJ. When I finally got on, everyone was saying stuff like "AJHQ logged me out" so I guess AJ was down for a little while. Odd...

While I was searching for the new items today, I went to Sunken Treasures to see if there was a new item there. There wasn't but when I got there the screen looked like this:

As I moved around, the screen would flash to the normal look of Sunken Treasures, this black shadowy look, and this:

AJ needs to get some sleep or something, since it doesn't seem to be working properly!

I also want to say something about one of the new items today (I might as well show them all in this post)

In Jam Mart Furniture there is a new Spooky Couch!

In Bahari Bargains is the return of an old item, the Skeleton Suit!

They actually recently made a land version of this item with the same name (and same amount of layer glitchiness) but take a look at that price difference!

But the item I really wanted to talk about was the new Robot Mask in Jam Mart Clothing

This is actually a long awaited item that was shown in some weird AJ promotional picture from 2010(?)

While the one seen in this picture (there is an unknown animal wearing a full robot costume in front of the haunted mansion) is different from the one that's now available, they do have some similarities, such as the antenna on the top

Just something I found interesting. Tomorrow there should be a new update (Which should have been last week, but since there was an update for 2 weeks in a row it was changed to tomorrow) so hopefully we will see some cool new stuff!