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Monday, October 20, 2014

AJ Story Time - Weird hostile tiger with a "pich froke" and the glitch story

This is another random post like the last one was, since there is nothing interesting going on in AJ right now

I'm going to be telling some of my weird (and true) AJ stories!

The first story is short. I'm not sure exactly when this one happened, but I think it was before AJF existed (sometime before April 2011) and isn't much of a story

I was at some party with my friend, both of us were wearing heart balloons. This very hostile tiger comes up to us saying exactly "gets pich froke pops balonas"
That translates to "gets pitch fork, pops balloons" I'm guessing
The end

The next story is a bit more interesting. This is from early 2011 as well. There was something wrong with my computer, and sometimes when I logged into AJ I would glitch out. Everything started normal (apart from the game and fact icons not showing up) but sometimes after I switched rooms, my animal would start at the top left corner of the room! After that I was able to walk on walls! But ONLY walls. I couldn't get back to the ground... While walk on wall glitches aren't unknown on AJ, this was way before an actual method to do a glitch like this was discovered. As far as I know, I was the only Jammer in the game who had the ability to walk on walls! I took loads of pictures, I'll show the most interesting ones (ahhh these bring back pleasant memories)

This is me in the place the game used to start me at, the top left corner. You can tell this is a very old screenshot because of the ice Mira statue, and because I still have the old gold nametag (and my bunny's early look)

Here's me sitting on top of the Flag Shop before it opened! I'm still not convinced that this building was always planned to be a flag shop...

People would always ask me how I got on the walls, and all I could tell them was that I didn't know! I said to this seal "I'm a ghost!" and that was their reaction
And I noticed something looking back at these pictures - nametags used to be more see-through

That's me chilling across the lake in Jamaa Township, before Appondale was even a thing
I remember I used to always go to this spot when I got the glitch... Good times ♥︎ ♥︎

This is when I discovered the elephant statue in Zios. I might as well be the first player to actually see it in person!

I forgot to mention that if I tried to switch animals while the glitch was active, my animals would all turn into Princess Orangemountain (I mentioned her in a previous post)

I couldn't x out of this, so my only way to play again was by refreshing

And finally, there's this picture:

This picture has its own little story. While the glitch was active, I went to my den and I saw someone was there. On their screen they were really on another room like Jamaa Township, but on my screen they were in my den! I didn't know that at the time though. They couldn't see me (based on how they ignored me) 
Their username was supercal, and ever since then I've been afraid of them...

So yeah, like I said this was way before people found methods to get on the walls themselves, this was just a glitch that happened to me randomly. Occasionally I saw other people with the glitch, but it was very very rare. I'm pretty sure I was the first jammer to ever walk on walls, but maybe there was someone before me

I have tons more stories if anyone wants to hear them


  1. I don't know when you did that glitch stuff, but I remember doing it too...but I can't remember when. I also liked going to the elephant :3

    1. When you did the glitch, was it automatic when you logged in or did you use the buddy game method?

    2. No, it was automatic when I logged on.
      I was rubbish at the buddy game method anyway X3

    3. I started very late but soon I got rarer. :D *sigh* Boy beta times were good, pretty good. c:

  2. Wow! Interesting story. Especially the last one. I want to hear more!

    1. Alright, I'll post more stories sometime

  3. More stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. One day while at my den, I found a person in my den like that supercal person. They were in Jamaa Township too. But it was the Fantasy Castle.

  5. The title "Probably my weirest experience on AJ ever" is sooooooooooooooooooooooo unique

  6. :gets pich froke pops balonas:
    TOO BAD!

    1. ahahhahahaha TOO BAD

      im pretty sure were not thinking of the same thing

  7. Ohhh, Milarina has a crush on Bobby Joe Jenson!
    Can you believe it guys?

  8. Ooo... The Glitch Story interested me


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