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Thursday, October 23, 2014

AJ Update - October 23

 Yay, a new update! Unfortunately there is hardly anything new, but I guess that's okay since we get a new update every two weeks

Here's the new Jamaa Journal

 Pet owls are back and are in the Diamond Shop!

I'm still waiting for phantom pets...

Here's page 2

That's pretty cool, members now get an additional 100 den item spaces and can now place 300 items in one den!

Hopefully we get more clothing item space soon, or even stackable items (what I mean by that is, if you have two of the same item they will only take up one item slot)

Page 3

There's a sale on Halloween stuff, but only seemingly random items. I'm not sure why they chose random ones, but who knows what AJ is up to? Also, my favorite time of year is almost over, meaning all of the Halloween themed parties and items will soon be gone :(

Page 4 has what is probably the most exciting news, a new animal is coming soon!

My guess is the new animal will be polar bears! Almost everyone seems to think so too. Polar bears are animals that could have been in AJ for years because they were on a new animal poll, but seals won

And here are the new items I found (all are returning items, so technically not new)

 Halos are now in Jam Mart Clothing

Candy Bowls are in Jam Mart Furniture

Feathered Masks are in Epic Wonders too

That's all there really is to this update. When AJHQ says a new animal is "coming soon" that usually means it will be out in like 6 weeks, which isn't exactly "soon"
It will most likely be in the diamond shop because for some reason AJ thought it was a good idea to add a premium currency to this once simple game (seriously almost every game that had a currency system has a "premium" one... It's annoying and unoriginal)

Let's just hope the new animal actually is coming soon and that it is available for gems


  1. yes! polar bears were my suggestion btw ;)

  2. Polar Bears would be so cute o.o

  3. Now I'm GLAD I didn't get that cheetah XD



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