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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

AJHQ email and new search bar

That's right, I replaced the old useless search bar and replaced it with a new one, so now you can search for posts on AJF just by using key words

Aside from that, an email was sent out by AJHQ:

"We are writing to inform you of an issue with our software tools that may have resulted in your child encountering inappropriate language in Animal Jam over the weekend.

On Saturday October 11, some Animal Jam players discovered a bug in our chat filtering software that briefly permitted the use of a banned word in the game. Several AJ players saw and reported the inappropriate language to our live moderators, who escalated the issue to senior members of our community and production teams. The software bug was found and fixed a few hours later. Subsequent review of our server logs showed that this bug may have affected 0.05% of all chat in the game during this period.

We take the safety of our players very seriously, and we believe in providing you with a transparent window into your child’s activities in our online playground. If your child was one of those who encountered a swear word during this period, we wish to apologize to you and your family for our error. We are confident that the problem has been resolved, and any players found to have broken the Animal Jam Code of Conduct during this period are being notified of disciplinary action up to and including bans on their accounts.

Animal Jam uses state of the art chat analytics and filtering to ensure that children can’t exchange personal information or use inappropriate language while communicating with one another in the game. Kids can be ingenious in testing the boundaries of our systems, however, and we work continually to improve our software tools and anticipate problems before they occur. If you or your child ever encounter chat in Animal Jam that you believe is inappropriate or against our rules, please report it immediately by emailing support@animaljam.com.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about this incident or concerns you would like to share. Thank you for everything you do to help us maintain Animal Jam as a safe and friendly online destination for kids.


Animal Jam HQ

So apparently on Saturday, people found a bug that let them use banned words. I certainly wasn't aware of this, but it's pretty interesting. It makes me wonder how they discovered how to do this. Of course, if I knew, I wouldn't be using inappropriate words, I'm just curious to know how they found this out. According to AJHQ it was a bug and not someone using hacks, so yeah

There are some words that really shouldn't be banned though... Like the word "scam" for example. I don't know why you can't say this anymore. How can you tell someone that you got scammed now? You have to say "I got scale" which just sounds weird (It's like they are teaching us to use the wrong words)

While on this subject, has anyone else noticed that you get a warning for saying "lolkingcentury1" in the chat? For those of you who don't know, that guy was the infamous name hacker who changed his tiger's name to something... bad
For some reason I find it funny that you get a warning for saying his name (same thing with fman, but that's not as weird because AJ doesn't like the letter f)


  1. Jam a gram chatting is so hard to do too... You can't say sorry anymore, you can't say gift or present either
    When I send my random gifts for Free Gift Tuesday, the only thing I can say is "enjoy" and they are left clueless
    But the jam a gram typing is even more limited than restricted chat, and that's never a good thing

    1. I do not like the AJ jam a grams stuff... You can't say ANYTHING! It's so annoying!

    2. and i really wish non members could type jam a grams too (i'm a non member). we can't even say "meet me in my den"! when i want someone to go to my den i have to say "trading in my den" which is weird.

    3. I remember being able to say "Party in my den!" but they took that message away for some reason

  2. u might not have saw it, i believe that it only happened in aldan, which is populated by many older players which is good. apparently the bug was u just had to type a : in front of anything u wanted to say, so ppl were like wootmoo says: %^#%$@ you! i believe only one bad word was said which was the f word u may choose to delete this comment but this i want u to see, it doesnt matter if other people dont see it

    1. Let's say "test" is banned from AJ's chat
      So if I said :test it wouldn't be blocked?

    2. Very interesting... Well it looks like AJ is banning people now, oh well.

    3. Well good, they deserve it for using such language on a game made for KIDS

  3. This is what happened:

  4. So now that a "major" thing has happened with the chat, NOW AJ HQ will pay attention to the emails we send?
    Why do I seriously doubt that?
    People send them emails all the time about hackers like fmann and and others, and what to they do? Reply with an automated response, saying it's impossible to hack an Animal Jam account unless you've [given away your password, email or something else I can't remember].


    1. Finally someone else sees the problem with this too

      When I got hacked, I tried to tell AJHQ, and they did give me one of those "we can assure you that all of our members are safe and can never get hacked <333333333333 dont worry young child nothing will happen lol"
      So... If people can't get hacked, then WHY DID I GET HACKED?
      And people like lolkingcentury1 clearly hacked, and they still pretend like it's impossible. What about all the stone swords and skullys floating around? Those certainly weren't obtained legitimately
      I've probably said 100 times now that only once or twice have I gotten an actual, non robotic response from an AJHQ email

      I understand they probably get tons of emails a day, but that's still no reason to flat out lie to us saying hacking can't happen


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